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  • It is important to setup 2-step verification of your email account to protect from hackers or misuse. Like any other email account, your SBCGlobal email also requires to be protected. For this, you can enable two-step verification feature. If you are unaware about setting two-step verification Contact us 1-844-797-8692 or you can do by yourself.
    Steps to turn on two-step authentication
    1. Open any web browser and sign in to your SBCGlobal account
    a. If you face any trouble during sign in, then contact SBCGlobal email support number
    and speak to a technician for immediate resolution.

    2. Choose Account Info from the menu
    3. Click set up your two-step verification
    a. You will find this option under Sign in and Security tab
    4. Slide the toggle button to the right to turn on this feature
    5. Now, choose from these two options:
    a. Use the current phone number for the two-step verification
    b. Add a new phone number for the two-step verification
    If you still getting issue to setup two-step verification visit SBCGlobal Email support to get instant help. Visit at:
    wall 165 days ago
  • Are you unable to troubleshoot Epson printer? Don't worry you are at the right destination.
    This issue occurs when a piece of paper gets stuck in the printer’s cartridge. This could be due to the overfilling of the paper tray or poor quality of the paper.
    You can avoid this problem by ensuring that the papers you have placed in the tray are moisture-free. Moreover, they should not be stick with each other. Another key check you can perform is to place the paper properly in the tray. To fix the issue, take out the printer’s cartridge carefully and remove all pieces of paper. Now, set the cartridge back to its position and enjoy hassle-free printing. If the issue persists then contact 1-844-797-8692 the support team for your Epson printer troubleshooting.
    wall 166 days ago