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  • If OSRS can accept Deadman Approach worlds, and Runescape can accept asleep worlds, why not apparatus a Darkscape apple to amuse the Runescapers that still adulation PvP but don't wish to carelessness RS3, while accompanying removing PvP in the Wilderness so that the griefing adjoin the majority of the association can be put to an end?

    #1 Ancillary Notes:

    - Abatement of Wilderness PvP can animate adventure and belief development apropos the Gods post-arrival.

    - Two Bounty Hunter Worlds will be rendered anachronistic post-BH removal.

    I've been developing account and accept been aggravating to appear up with a acceptable band-aid over the accomplished brace years. I've ran it by several humans and accept formed on acclimation it.

    I accept a band-aid that would work, but I still am aggravating to agree it. All I charge to do now is:

    1, Bulk out how to adduce it.

    - I don't wish to accomplish a continued argument atypical about it.

    2, Knowing if it's technically achievable to advance on Jagex's end.

    3, Whether it would be aces of the development time to implement.

    I plan on proposing it absolute soon, but here's a absolute absolute dumbed down adaptation of the idea:

    #2 Core Design

    1, No best lose items on afterlife (Safe PvP, removes skull tricking, and assorted scams).

    2, Introduce Wilderness alone items (which do bead on death).

    - Wilderness skilling supplies, activity supplies, etc (All go aback into PvP)

    3, Actualize Camps or Hotspots which focus about teams (capturing them for assorted benefits).

    - Uses Team-capes as the focus.

    - Central point for auspicious blockage on the world.

    4, Actualize Wilderness alone activity confined (abilities).

    - Bound to 1 bar per appearance (based on main-hand type).

    5, Redesign the Skulling arrangement to accept uses/risks aural the redesigned Wilderness.

    #3 Secondary Ideas

    1, Redesign multiway activity zones.

    2, Redesign activity akin arrangement (regarding the wilderness)

    - Static and Dynamic levels based on gear/supplies/effects.

    3, Redesign Wilderness skilling.

    - Address the XP ante adjoin griefing incentive.
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  • Today,Let's learn the new Chef's Assistant RS3 quest details and guides,Keep your eyes on here.And RSorder Runescape 2007 gold for sale cheap now.

    Chef's Assistant is a new novice quest which is a sequel to Cook's Assistant.The below are some guides and requirements.To start the quest,You should head to the cooking guild in Varrock and talk to the head chef.

    Requirements:Level 32 Cooking and Completion of Cook's assistant.After speaking to the Head chef, head to the party room in Falador and talk to Phil and Delphie. Repair the Dairy churn in the room using logs and a steel bar, and speak with Phil and Delphie again.

    Use bucket of milk on the dairy churn and make the Cream cheese. Then return to the head chef.Combine a pot of flour and pat of butter to make the biscuit dough, and then cook it for biscuits.

    Head to the east of the Taverley lodestone in The Pick and Lute pub, and take the cheesecake to Mess Sergeant Ramsey.

    Head to the Lumbridge Castle, and take the cheesecake to the Cook in Lumbridge.

    Head to the Jolly Boar Inn and take the cheesecake to the Cook of the Jolly Boar Inn.Return to the head chef.

    After completing the quest, you will be rewarded with 1 quest point, 3 cheesecakes, and 1,500 experience lamps. You will also win 2 Treasure Hunter keys and 2 Hearts of Ice in addition to the ability to bake cheesecakes and biscuits.

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