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  • lucy smith created a new topic Introduction of ultrafine mill dust collector in the forums.
    For the use of ultrafine mill, only if it meets the production requirements can it be accepted by customers. The production requirements do not only refer to the performance of the machine, but also include environmental protection. The concept of environmental protection is near It has only been proposed in recent years to reduce environmental pollution and protect people's living environment. It has been valued by various industries. Therefore, only by meeting this demand can good development be achieved, and in order to meet this environmental protection requirement, The manufacturer configures the dust collector for the ultrafine mill. Here we introduce the performance characteristics and working principle of the dust collector.
    First, performance characteristics
    For the ultrafine pulverizer, it is specially developed based on the characteristics of the machine's fine and dry dust. These dusts are captured during production. Generally, the precipitator uses pulsed ash cleaning. The method has the characteristics of good effect, high purification efficiency, long life of the dust removal filter bag, small maintenance workload, safe and reliable operation, etc. These characteristics make the dust removal equipment have a wide range of use.
    The performance characteristics of the dust collector used in the production of ultrafine mills are as follows: the use of advanced on-line pulse injection technology, thorough ash cleaning, and low running resistance; the use of high-quality dust collector accessories, effectively guarantees high efficiency Dust removal efficiency, and fully automatic control, convenient maintenance and high operating efficiency.
    Second, how it works
    In the production of ultrafine mill, the working principle of the dust collector is as follows: The air inlet of the dust collector is connected with the air outlet of the ultrafine powder equipment. Dust-containing gas enters the ash hopper through the air inlet on the side of the box. When the deflector is turned to the dust bag chamber, the coarser particles fall directly to the bottom of the ash hopper, and the fine dust rises with the airflow. When the airflow passes through the filter bag, the dust is blocked on the surface of the filter bag, and the purified gas passes through the dust removal. The cloth bags are collected in the clean air box, and then discharged into the clean air exhaust channel by each air outlet butterfly valve.
    The article mainly analyzes the dust collector of the ultrafine mill, mainly for its performance characteristics and working principle analysis. In modern milling or crushing production, the dust collector has become an indispensable part. For various types of production The environmental effect of the process has played a significant role, and according to the different production processes, different dust removal equipment can be selected.
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  • Recently Chinas mining machinery industry has developed rapidly and the country has gradually increased investment on the energy saving and environment friendly industry, the grinding equipment such as dolomite mill with advanced technology has meet the opportunity for prosperous development.The dolomite mill is the core machine applied in the industrial dolomite and energy production, so the enhancement of the working efficiency has been the most important step.
    Dolomite mill becomes the priority of mining machinery industry and the features such as energy efficiency and environment protection has made it the perfect choice for the mining process. Chinas mining machinery has developed much faster than the domestic plan and market expectation. The vitality and profit of the whole dolomite mill industry has grown sustainably. The better profitability and abundant cash flow will in turn strongly support the enterprise, thus making the new dolomite mill popular among customers on the market.
    As a lot of small metallurgy, coal and cement enterprises are forced to close, new large scale ore beneficiation plant, coal preparation plant and cement plant are set up gradually, which raises more requirements to the mining machinery industry, causing them to manufacture the dolomite mills with high production, high grinding efficiency and reliable performance.
    Our company is an international mining machinery company that specializes in the production of high pressure grinding mills with many different types. The standard technology of these mills has been in the lead among similar products at home and abroad. In modern times when the competition becomes fiercer in the mining machinery industry, manufacturing and improving the dolomite mill has become the market trend.
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  • As is known to all, because the basalt has many advantages such as strong resistance to pressure, low crushing value, strong resistance to corrosion and good adhesion of pitch, it becomes good raw material for producing cast stone and sand and stone aggregate materials for highway, railway and airport runway and other projects construction.
    In recent years, with the fast acceleration of urbanization and energetical launch of infrastructure construction, the demands for the basalt stone production line is more and more strong, and the investment prospect of basalt also becomes very bright and clear, and at the same time, its production demands also provide more development opportunities for rock crusher, stone crusher and other mining mechanical equipment.
    Basalt can also be called volcanic, and many people also like to call it as bluestone. In China there are many volcanic clusters, so that the basalt resources are rich in reserve and wide in distribution. In addition, the diameter of this kind of basalt fiber material is one tenth of the hair, the weight is one third of the rebar with the same diameter and the strength of extension is four times of the rebar, for this reason, it will be able to reduce the cost by 20% if used in the road paving industry.
    And what is more, basalt does not contain phosphorus and is a inorganic nonmetallic material, and it has very wide application in many industries such as fire control, environmental protection, chemistry, automobile, building and aerospace and it is well received by many customers. During the process of changing the basalt into excellent sand and stone aggregate and concrete aggregate, the basalt crusher is indispensable processing equipment which is able to crush large and hard basalt into aggregate particles to be used in the production of building materials.
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  • lucy smith created a new topic Ultrafine mill works better for a few hours in the forums.
    The ultrafine mill itself is a kind of better performance equipment, so it has a wide range of applications, but its performance needs to be used in a standardized way, such as the way of operation and regular maintenance, and more importantly, it cannot be overloaded. For production, how many hours a day is it better for this type of equipment?
    Generally speaking, when the machine is shipped from the factory, there will be a description of the use, which will strictly indicate the way of use, including the length of use, for the type of production equipment of the ultrafine mill, because it is for The processing of ore materials and production conditions are also very difficult, so generally we do not require more than thirteen hours of work in the production line, and during this working period, we need to carry out better maintenance to ensure smooth production and The machine is not damaged.
    ultrafine mills may change in working hours in different climates, because winter needs to be warmed up and summer needs to cool down. This is some of the conditions that will affect their work. We need to make different according to different situations. Processing to ensure that it works safely.
    Our article mainly analyzes the problem of the length of time that the ultrafine mill should work, because the overload operation will cause fatigue increase, resulting in a decrease in service life, which is unfavorable for later production and overall benefits. This regulation should be strictly observed.
    The smooth operation of the ultrafine mill requires a lot of assistance, but this is to better work and obtain better investment benefits, so strict compliance with production conditions is an important situation.
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  • In the production process of mines, whether it is grinding machines or crushing equipment, their requirements for production conditions are strict. If they cannot meet the production requirements, they will lead to a decline in production efficiency. One of the requirements is The feed is pure, let's analyze the problem below.
    Raymond Mill is one of the mills. Because it is a device for producing fine powder, the demand for feeding is more strict in the production. The main requirements are the hardness, humidity, size and input of the material. The speed of the material must meet the production requirements, and the purity of the material, which means that it does not contain other non-manufacturable foreign materials, such as iron blocks and other materials that cannot be processed, so why does the Raymond mill have this aspect? What is the demand?
    For crushing or milling equipment, non-processable materials are foreign materials, which cause great wear and tear on the parts of the equipment during production, increase the aging of the parts, increase the frequency of maintenance in production, and improve the production efficiency. In terms of it, it is very unfavorable, so it is necessary to strictly prevent the entry of these foreign objects in production. Some Raymond mills have a better degree of automation, so they can discharge foreign matter without affecting production, but more fundamentally. The solution is to prohibit the addition of these materials better.
    The above analysis of the reason for the purity of the Raymond mill is mainly to prevent the wear of foreign materials on the parts, which can prevent the decrease of efficiency and the increase of maintenance cost. It is an important operation, and some equipments. These materials can be automatically discharged, but it is more fundamental to prevent the addition of these materials.
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  • Grinding mill promotes the development of kaolin

    With the development of the national economy in various fields, people pay more and more attention to the deep processing of kaolin, because it can not only obtain new materials with special properties, but also can improve the economic benefits. Kaolin is a new kind of rubber filler in recent years. One of the deep processing methods of kaolin is the further heating, washing and preliminary drying after the calcinations and dehydration processes. Finally make it into metakaolin, which can be used as plastic cable filler, so as to improve the insulation performance of the cable sheath.
    At present, our company has developed the deep grinding mill equipment for kaolin, which includes Raymond mill, high pressure suspension grinding mill, high-pressure micro powder grinding mill, which can be well used for the grinding processing of kaolin. Different models produce products with different fineness; it can be selected according to the specific requirements of customers. In all the application fields of kaolin, it must be processed into the fine powder, and then can be added to other materials for the complete fusion, which certainly needs grinding equipment. With the different requirements of kaolin in many areas, mining equipment industry is also in continuous innovation and improvement to bring better effect in the grinding process of kaolin.
    our company is a professional mining equipment manufacturer, and the equipment includes sand production line, the stone production line and ore dressing production line, especially for the intensive research and the manufacturing process of grinding equipment, they have won very good appraisal in the market. In addition to Raymond mill, high pressure grinding mill, ultrafine mill, we also produce professional ore dressing equipment, such as ball mill, rod mill, etc. Our company can also select suitable grinding equipment for customers according to their actual requirements. For more information about the selection and technical aspects of grinding equipment, welcome to contact us!
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  • In recent years, as the rising of the infrastructure, construction sand is used widely. The market demand for sand and stones is continuously increasing, and both the sand making production line and the stone production line cant work without the assistance of the sand making equipment. The building industry needs large quantities of sand and stone aggregates, consequently, the development of sand maker is the lifeblood of the whole building industry.
    The leading products of our company include: ball mill, Raymond mill, sand-maker, jaw crusher, hammer crusher, rotary kiln, drier, vibrating screen, sand washer, magnetic separator, and belt conveyor etc. The sand making machine as the best seller among so many products is a special type of equipment to produce construction sand. It can be used as pebble crusher as well as ore production and processing equipment of quartz sand.
    The sand making production line designed by our company usually possesses two types of processes. In order to remove the mechanism of sand in the soil, dry production adopt thickness separator, users adopt sand washing machine for the wet type sand making process. Our sand makers can crush different kinds of rocks with the perfect sand particle size and high compressive strength and purity.
    The sand makers made by our company have become the preferred equipment for sand making industry at home and abroad. As the earliest manufacture that starts to produce sand makers, the company has a mature technology of sand making process, and our products are recognized by many industries of domestic mining, construction, water conservancy, highway, hydropower and so on.
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  • Its reported that every year building removal and reconstruction projects will cause billions of tons of wastes. Apart from construction wastes, other solid industrial wastes will also be created. In this case, our company has introduced customers the most popular crushing machines to break all kinds of wastes existing in the construction site, namely the mobile crusher or mobile crushing plant.
    In early years, our experts have set up its own research and development department and gathered lots of technological talents, all these efforts leading the company to create and manufacture the perfect mobile crushing plant which will offer ideal solution for the current urgent issue of handling construction wastes.
    Our mobile crusher is armed with a hydraulic device system which will strengthen the security performance, operating continuity and running efficiency. It can work smoothly by cooperating with each other as soldiers in an army, which will do better in the crushing process in the construction sites.
    Our company takes lead among competitors. Through trial and error, we reorganize the traditional mobile crushing plant, adding scientifically sand maker and jaw crusher to it, thus creating the new handling equipment which is in line with the indexes of the resource recycling and reuse policy made by the government.
    The mobile crushing plant integrates the feeding, crushing and conveying processes to form a strong crushing and separating production line. Above all, we believe that we will definitely make excellent achievement in handling construction wastes by adopting the new advanced mobile crusher families.
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  • lucy smith created a new topic The common mineral processing mills in the forums.
    The ore grinding process is to grind large chunks of ores into reasonable particle size, so mineral processing mills are essential. The common grinding mills are ball mill, pebble mill, ultrafine mill, etc., all belonging to ore grinding equipment. There are many types of mineral processing mills and the most common at home and abroad are ore dressing mill, mineral processing mill, autogenous mill, semi-autogenous mill and rod mill.
    The former four types are conventional grinding mills, by which the ores can shrink to 10 to 25 mm large through two or three stages of breaking and then be fed into the ball mill or rod mill and continue to be ground to the required size. The production practice shows us that each process has its own advantages and disadvantages.
    The autogenous mill is one of the most widely used equipment in ore dressing plants. Its biggest characteristic is that the newly mined raw ores or the materials after coarse crushing can be directly sent to it for grinding. When the autogenous mill is at work, ores of different particle sizes are driven by the cylinder wall to do rolling motion. This autogenous mill is a piece of multi-function equipment with both crushing and grinding effect, and it has a big crushing ratio, a dozen times higher than the equivalent ball mill and rod mill.
    In the or grinding course of autogenous mill, ores larger than 100 mm can act as the grinding media, while those ores smaller than 80 mm and larger than 20 mm are of poor grinding ability and they selves are not easy to be ground by the large ores. To grind this part of materials, some big steel balls are usually added to the materials, which greatly increases the grinding efficiency. So this type of mill is called semi-autogenous mill. The semi-autogenous mill belongs to cylindrical grinding machine, characterized by heavy load, low rotating speed and large starting torque.There are still many other common mineral processing mills, such as ball mill, rod mill, attrition mill, vibrating mill, jet mill, and so on.
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  • Impactor breaker is the latest series of new type powerful graphite impact crusher with high efficiency researched, manufactured and developed by SBM by combining with the specific working condition in domestic sand and stone industry on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology from Austria. This new generation of breaker machine can be used in the second and third medium and fine crushing process and it has many superior features such as small size, simple structure, big crushing ratio, convenient operation and maintenance, low energy consumption, high production capacity, even product granularity and selective ore crushing function, so that it is a very promising breaker machine in the mining industry.
    The biggest disadvantage of impactor breaker is easy abrasions of plate hammer and impact plate. Especially when crushing hard ores, the abrasion will be more serious, so that these spare parts need regular change. To prolong the service life of impactor breaker, it is advisable for customers to know some maintenance techniques available for China impact crusher.
    1. After a new impact crushing machine is put into use, a comprehensive check should be carried out on the breaker machine every time it completes a shift. After running for two weeks, the comprehensive check can be carried out every month. The electrical machine and lubrication of this breaker machine should be carried out every week, and the check content includes the fastening condition of the fixed parts and belt drive, bearing seal and electric switch.
    2. Check the abrasion condition of the spare parts such as plate hammer, impact plate and lining board every week and establish regular maintenance and change system combining with the maintenance cycle.
    3. When the rotor is running, the gap between rotor and impact board can never be adjusted.
    4. To guarantee the safety of operators and equipment, it is forbidden to repair, adjust and clean the equipment in the running process and forbidden to open various small doors.
    5. Feed materials into the breaker machine after it normally operates, and the feeding process should be even and iron and other hard materials should be prevented from mixing in the raw materials. When stopping it, first stop feeding materials to wait until all the materials inside the crushing chamber are crushed, and then the electric motor can be stopped.
    5. When product granularity of materials to be crushed are too big, SBM reminds you to stop the China impact crusher machine and check the abrasion condition of the plate hammer to prevent rotor from being abraded.
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  • The natural disasters such as the drought, earthquake and flood in the nation appeared in the front of us no matter whether we prepared for them or not in the reality without warning us at first, but which still cannot prohibit the cement industry from developing smoothly at that moment on the basis of the national economic crisis and the price increased at the same time.
    The cement industry is one traditional industry in the mainland, which has put forward the higher requirement for the technology of grinding mill from the point of the sustainable. The grinding mill belonging to SBM improve the innovation and upgrading of the technology on the basis of exploring the advanced technology coming from the abroad in order to design the newest and advanced grinding machine in a short time.
    In the national market, the vertical grinding machine with the advantages of comprehensive performance characteristics and energy saving has the higher popularity than the others such as the Raymond mill, ball mill and so on. The vertical grinding mill cannot catch up with the requirement of the customers even though all kinds of the aspects of the grinding mill are perfect at this right minute, and which is just the reason that the customers have got into the habit of choosing one familiar manufacturer that they have been used to around them. The development is just the truth in the modern and material society. The Chinese cement expert named Gao Changming thought that the using orientation of the vertical grinding mill is bright and prosperous, and the possibility of the replacement of vertical grinding mill taken by the cement grinding machine is suitable. The vertical grinding machine made by SBM is one inevitable machine combining the crushing, grinding and classification, which can be used in the industries of cement and metallurgy.
    The people belonging to the SBM have been paying their attention on the exploration of the technology all the time, and who still hope that we can make a big difference to the industry of the cement industry. SBM has the producing experience of 20 years, including the machine such as the crushing machine, mechanical grinding machine with the big scale and major craftsmanship. Welcome customers to visit our company which can provide the best mining machine for every customer such as the Raymond mill, jaw crusher and impact crusher.
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  • As the mining machinery industry develops, our company has researched and developed a new series of hammer crusher and hammer mill in order to make contributions to solving the urban environmental protection problem.Our hammer crusher belongs to a simple stone material production line and it is widely used in the industries of railway, highway, construction, hydroelectricity and metallurgy. The hammer crusher is more suitable to crush construction wastes and there are rough crushing, medium crushing and fine crushing types according to their different raw material and the range of crushing sites. It can provide customers with high efficient and low cost project operation equipment, which will extend the crushing concept.
    In order to effectively solve the construction crash problem, our company is devoted to the research and development of the wastes handling tools. At present, our company has made hundreds of sets of hammer mills widely applied all over the world.
    The hammer mill we produce all adopts the most advanced steel frames and parts, which will make customer feel comforted about the quality of the products. The company can arrange the feeding of materials in short time in several construction sites based on the source of raw materials and the stone consumption, thus reducing the standby time of the equipment.
    Additionally, both hammer crusher and hammer mill are easy to install and maintain. Above all, the hammering machine has excellent performance of handling the construction wastes, so it has won good reputation among customers coming from all over the world.
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  • lucy smith created a new topic The main accessories of impact crusher in the forums.
    The accessories are the important part of impact crusher, which needs regular replacement. The accessories are also known as wearing parts if vertical shaft impact crusher, which mainly include plate hammer, side protecting plate, back plate, square steel and pressing block, which is made of high chromium and high manganese wear resistant materials.
    1. Plate hammer: plate hammer adopts high chromium alloy materials and the latest manufacturing technology, which has unique structure and design. The finished product is in cubic shape with no tension and fracture. It is the high wear resistance casting component. When the plate hammer wears to a certain degree, it should be timely adjusted or changed, so as to avoid the injury of fasteners and other parts.
    2. Side protecting plate: side protecting plate is an important vulnerable component of impact crusher. It will be worn after long term using, and its resisting ability will decline, thus often causing the accident and the decline of its sealing performance. Therefore, much dust will be generated.
    3. Impact plate: impact plate is generally welded with the steel plate. The back surface is provided with a wear-resistant lining board, which also can use the counter roller or grate board with a slot of the back surface. The fine content of the product is less, at the same time; the production capacity can be increased. It is energy saving, but it also has other defects, for example, the structure is complex, the back surface is hard to replace after being worn, fast abrasion, etc.
    4. Square steel: square steel is in square shape, which can be divided into welded and seamless types. Seamed steel is welded by steel plates to make square steel tube. Seamless steel pipe is formed by seamless steel, and its compressive capacity is far greater than the seamed steel.
    5. The pressing block: it is widely used in all kinds of mining machinery, which has high quality and stable performance. It can be produced according to the different production requirements of customers. After the load running test, the necessary adjustments must be made on the pressing blocks. Fote pressing block has excellent characteristics of stable chemical composition, reasonable heat treatment process, good wear resistance, high strength, etc.
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  • In recent years, the feeding system of ball mill has been improved. During the past few year, the majority of the ball mill spoon head is the united feeder, because the spoon head is clumsy and eccentric, and when digging and sedimentary ore, it has friction and impact, the eccentric load and shock load of the ball mill will produce periodic, the motor operation under variable load condition, not only the capacity will be increased and current fluctuation will be large, but also will lead to the acceleration of rendering half cycle and the deceleration transmission of the half cycle. The eccentric load and shock load has great impact on the main bearing wear, gear stress, the size of the connecting bolt, barrel meshing and motor heating, which will shorten the service life of ball mill.
    By adopting the drum feeder, it can avoid the above drawbacks, but we also need to transform the return system of classifier, extend the classifier groove, adjust the installation angle, so as to change the distance between ball mill and classifier. Increase the automatic return body in the upper end of the upper ore discharge from the classifier. With the help of return launder, elevation and ore gravity, the ore will flow into the feeder. The ball mill after transformation will not only improve the equipment reliability and maintainability, but also has obvious energy saving effect.
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  • As we all known, the sand production line is equipped with sand washing equipment. Today, we will introduce the importance of sand washing equipment in sand production line.When we refer to the sand production line, we mostly think of the jaw crusher and impact crusher. The people who have had contact with the mining machinery industry always know these two devices, because these devices have a considerable reputation in the mining machinery industry. We are familiar with the sand making production line processes: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and fine crusher (the third generation sand making machine), vibrating screen, sand washing machine, belt conveyor and concentrated electronic control. Then we will talk about that if the sand washing equipment is the necessary equipment in the sand production line.
    Sand washer is the commonly used equipment in the construction field, sand factory, glass factory, hydropower station and other department. In the sand production line, the wash of the sand can make the artificial sand cleaner and achieve the national standard. So, to the sand production line, the sand washing equipment is the necessary equipment. If you do not use sand washing machine, the sand quality will fall short of the standard of the country. Sand production line needs the help of sand washing machine. The sand washer can promote the artificial sand to a higher standard. So, sand washer is the indispensable machine to the sand production line. To sum up, the sand production line needs the help of sand washer which can promote the artificial sand to a higher standard.
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  • lucy smith created a new topic Dolomite crushing plant produced by our company in the forums.
    1.Jaw crusher is the primary crusher, that is used for primary crushing. It is the common dolomite crusher in dolomite mining. The range of final size of products can be 10-300 mm, and the capacity can be upto 100 t/p.
    2.Impact crusher is the secondary crusher. This crushing machine features reasonable structure, high productivity, easy operation and maintenance and safe performance. The most advantage of it is that the final particle is in good, cubic shape and without tensility and cranny.
    3.Cone crusher is the secondary or tertiary dolomite crusher, it is suitable for hard and mid-hard rocks and ores, such as iron ores, copper ores, limestone, quartz, granite, gritstone, etc.
    4.VSI crusher is also called sand making machine, it is the main machine for dolomite sand making . It is applied for the powder process of mineral product including metal and non-metal ore, fireproof materials, bauxite, diamond dust, glass raw materials, archtiectural materials, artifical sand and all kinds of metal ore materials.
    Dolomite mining is important for industry. Dolomite is kind of carbonate mineral which includes iron dolomite and manganese dolomite. Dolomite is the main mineral component composed of dolomite and dolomite limestone. The dolomite can be used in building materials, porcelain, glass and refractory after dolomite crushing. In chemical industry, agriculture, environmental protection, energy conservation, etc, the dolomite is in a great demand too and so the dolomite crusher is widely applied. The dolomite is mainly used as the flux of Basic Refractories and blast furnace. The dolomite powder are mainly produced form USA, Mexico, uk, Switzerland, and Taiwan.
    Zenith has been specialized in crushing technology for several decades. We have been world leading supplier and manufacturer various types of crushing production line. With know-how technology, we customized thousands of dolomite crushing solution and producdtion line for our customers all over the world. Our dolomite crushing production line capacity ranges from 50-80tph, 100-200tph, 250-400tph, 500-650tph, 800-1000tph, 1000-1500tph.
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