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Rolling Stones - Angie

Well to most people this one would be considered a guitarsong, but there is definitely a piano in there wich i tried to kinda cover with Marc (a collaboration-video) over at TG, I would love to see Dave's take on it!

2882 Days ago
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by dsmarion 2879 Days ago
Ness - do you have the version you mention from Tori Amos?
by dsmarion 2878 Days ago
Err, sorry that was Cori who submitted that one.
by nesh16041972 2878 Days ago
:) Ah, you already figured that! Never heard of Tori Amos' version, will check it out!
by tkdave 2773 Days ago
I'm planning on filming this one today. I'm going to use the Rolling Stones structure of the song - but playing piano for the whole thing. I watched several different videos of Tori Amos doing it - and she used several different structures (i.e. skip th
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