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TOPIC: You do not NEED alts to be in a top guild

You do not NEED alts to be in a top guild 3 months, 3 weeks ago #2745

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Being in a progressive type guild can be enjoyable. It's completely what you make of it. The requirement is moment. I used to raid something like monday - . And that the raiding part. You have to commit all sorts of time apart from the 16 hours a week of raiding. Back when I had been playing WoW Classic heavily I probably would play just like 40 hours a week and absolutely loved Gold in WoW Classic. In hindsight I wish I hadn't wasted so much time onto a video game, but in the time it was something which made me happy. At this point I wouldn't recommend anyone get to a hardcore guild, but I've given up gaming completely because I regret the time I spent not living my life in a more productive manner.

I was in a naxx 40 clearing I raided for 5 hours on voice chat. They told us you either raid 7 days per week or we kick. So I remained and within 3 months c' thun weekly was clearing and moving onto naxx. Was a hell of a ride but after a year of not becoming askandi I have burnt out and quit.

Most of this isn't right. The raids in vanilla could be cleared in 1 evening MC/BWL/Ony or AQ/Naxx. You won't go back to MC/BWL once Naxx is out. Top speed runs for MC are below 20 minutes, BWL beneath 30. You compete and can be in a hardcore raid. ZG has some good things so another hour a week until you have. The planet bosses do not have much loot thats worth doing them for and are killed quickly by a mix of individuals from various guilds.

You do not NEED alts to be in a top guild like you do on live, the meta isn't changing and you don't need to run splits because there is time to gear up involving the raid releases and there is only 1 difficulty.Being at a casual guild is what will take a ton of time. Wiping over and above, learning the struggles, attempting to do things without the right consumables that people refuse to get Buy WoW Classic Gold. You may spend 2-3 nights a week progressing or not progressing in a casual guild, while the hardcore guilds will smash through nighttime 1 and be done with it reset.
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