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TOPIC: Film producers start making UB scandal documentaries

Film producers start making UB scandal documentaries 1 year ago #2749

Filmmaker Scott Bell is preparing to launch a <a href="">카지노사이트</a>new documentary about UB Poker, a online poker site full of scandals. The documentary will be based on a post that recalls many blogs and is expected to premiere this fall.
Bell recently disclosed his plan in an interview. He revealed that he started collecting information about UB Poker through a number of blog posts. However, he quickly realized that it was difficult for readers to grasp the focus of reading through such vast content, so he decided to turn this information into a movie.
 This documentary will be used to report how UB deliberately concealed crimes after the superuser scandal, and how Texas Hold'em players are not compensated and the main numbers involved in the scam.
“This website masks a lot of evidence. Although the collective investigation began in 2008 and 2009, what happened originally was concealed as not happening at all. What really happened was that the company did not do as well as they did. Publicly announced, they made up a lot of stupid stories about why they provided or tracked the history of the cards. People who were involved in the scam never really answered the question," Bell said.
 If everything goes according to plan, the UB Poker documentary will premiere at the end of this fall. TV on-demand and DVD versions will also be released.
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