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TOPIC: The privacy tools our team members love

The privacy tools our team members love 1 year, 3 months ago #3888

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The privacy tools our team members love
It’s easy to take recommendations from friends about where to shop or what to eat, but for internet privacy tools, that’s a whole different beast. You need to know which tools are worth their weight, and who better to recommend an internet security product than an internet security specialist?

We asked some of our developers and network architects to list the 5 privacy tools — both apps and hardware — they they’d hate to be without. Here’s what they had to say:

A password manager
“Something like 1Password or even Apple’s Keychain [will do] – weak passwords and password reuse are huge problems out there.”
“A password manager like 1Password or LastPass.”
“Having a password manager is a must nowadays. It’s convenient since you don’t have to remember every single password, and provides a great layer of security.”
A <a href="">VPN service</a>, of course

“A <a href="">VPN</a> or two. When traveling, you can’t rely on a single VPN since they may be blocked, so I have a couple subscriptions to be sure that I can always have my internet secured.”
“A good, no-logging VPN like RitaVPN.”
“A <a href="">best VPN</a>, like RitaVPN, to protect my traffic while on public hotspots and Wi-Fi. I’m also not a huge fan of my ISP knowing my DNS traffic.”
“Any two-factor authentication software (even text message) as it greatly increases security for any of your accounts.”
“Two-factor authentication on everything.”
A good router
“Own a router that can create a ‘Guest Mode’ or ‘Turn it On/Off’ so you don’t have to share your Wi-Fi password every time you have visitors.”
“Modern routers that give you a better view into the traffic on your network and have integrations with malware blockers.”
Disc encryption
“[It’s] great for having the peace of mind that if you lose your device, third parties will have a hard time accessing your information.”
“This Firefox add-on is perfect for viewing how different websites are exposing my personal information to third parties.”
“Cut out the Wi-Fi middle-man with a wireless access point. The on-the-go model by InvizBox includes built-in VPN support.”
Independent browsers
“I use the Tor browser for navigating the web securely.”‘
“I stopped using more popular browsers a while ago. Try Brave or DuckDuckGo for safer web browsing.”
Firewall software
“It’s more of a love/hate here. I wish routers and devices made them easier to manage, but the beauty is most of the time you don’t even realize they’re there protecting you. (At least until you’re trying to connect to a port and it’s blocked.)”
What privacy or security tools would you hate to be caught without? Post a comment to let us know!
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