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TOPIC: Everyone was talking about

Everyone was talking about 6 months, 1 week ago #1910

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Everyone was talking about it, and suddenly there was a bang. The squad leader of the year, now the famous program host Wang Xin led his cultural team to help Marlboro Red 100S Cheap Carton. Their wonderful performances are very happy. Of course, everyone has not forgotten my international political grandmother. They keep asking me about the international situation and whether the United States has copied our high-tech products.n, the time for the groundbreaking ceremony is here. We walked out of the temporary headquarters together, and under the auspices of Wang Xin, everyone began to cut the ribbon. Looking at the students with a happy smile, I think, all this is the result of our hard work, the result of the prosperity and development of society! 20 years later Wholesale Cigarettes Marlboro, return to my hometownrst Experimental Primary School, Changyi City, Shandong Province My time is ringing. I looked up and showed it on September 6, 2030. I hurry to get dressed, eat breakfast, and take my small self-controlled car to the high-tech medical laboratory the day of our scientific research results - the anti-cancer invincible No. 2 experiment was announced. As the main person in charge of this research project, I am going to speak today. Just walked to the door of the lab and heard the cheers of the staff. It must have been an experiment! My heart is excited. celebration ceremony was held on time. I stood on the podium and just wanted to speak. I only heard the little secretary of the micro-robot in my pocket report to me in a hurry: "Your teacher Liu Hua was admitted to the hospital last night. It was diagnosed as a late stage of cancer, and life is at stake. Your old The classmates have already rushed to the hometown county hospital. Your classmate county hospital director Meng Lingxuan asked you to quickly return home to the medical doctor." Upon hearing this news, my heart sank, and immediately the face of the former teacher and the amiable face flashed. Although I have been busy researching and not returning to my hometown over the years, the reason why I have today's achievements is inseparable from Mr. Liu's encouragement to me. But why did he never mention his illness to me during QQ chat? Oh, it must be that he is too busy with his work and cares about his body! Thinking of this, I immediately asked my assistant to host the ceremony for me, bring my new product to a private jet, and hurriedly flew to my hometown.twelve o'clock, I arrived at the county hospital in my hometown. I saw the classmates of the past and the family of the teacher in the office of Meng Lingxuan asking about the situation, and the corridor was crowded with people. When I saw me coming in, everyone flocked to me, and my eyes were full of expectations. I was busy asking about the situation. Meng Lingxuan told me that the teacher was suffering from advanced liver cancer, and it has spread. Now he is in a coma, but he is helpless and shed tears for his inability to cure the teacher. I said: "Don't worry, our medical school has just developed a special medicine for the treatment of advanced cancer. It just happened to be the result today, but it has not been used directly on the patient. Let me try it." Everyone listened. I immediately turned to sorrow and joy, and cast my eager eyes on me.take care of eating, and I am ready to make it. At 12:30, everything is ready Newport 100S Carton Cheap And Free Shipping. I came to the teacher's ward and personally pushed the teacher into the sterile operating room. Meng Lingxuan and two other assistants stood on both sides of me. Although I am full of confidence in my new product, I still hesitate to look at the teacher's thin face. What if I don't succeed? At this moment Online Newport Cigarette Store, the teacher opened his eyes with difficulty. He smiled and looked at me with a weak voice: "I know they will let you come. Child, it doesn't matter, bold, the teacher believes you!" Hear the teacher. Then, my tears will come out. I resisted the tears, set my mind, and confidently injected the medicine into the teacher's sick place with special equipmenta long wait of two hours, the teacher slowly opened his eyes. This is the same as I expected, I am very excited, and immediately carry out a comprehensive inspection of the teacher's body. The result came out, the cancer cells in the teacher's body were all killed Danger Of Newport Cigarettes, he is now a healthy person! Upon hearing this news, there was a cheer in the ward, everyone lifted me up and threw it over and over. back to hometown after 20 yearngyi City, Shandong Province, the first experimental primary schoolthe night tonight, the moon is the hometown of Ming." On the evening of August 15, 2030, I stood on the open-air balcony of the villa and looked up at the night sky. In the face of the bright moon, the ancient poetry could not help but blurt out, and the homesickness was born. . Since I graduated from university, I have been admitted to the civil servant until now I have been appointed as the secretary of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee. I have been busy with work and have not returned to my hometown for 20 years. Yes, it is time to go back to my hometown to see.
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