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TOPIC: To study these errors Carolyn

To study these errors Carolyn 3 months ago #2135

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To study these errors Carolyn. Dr. Olinc collected about 325 storylines, of which 194 cases were listed in the book to illustrate these errors Cartons Newports Sale. Most of these cases are memories of adults nowadays. They recall the most unpleasant experiences and stories that happened with their teachers when they were students. It was shocking to read Cheap Marlboro 100 Cigarettes Online. Although these experiences and stories have been going on for a long time, some even decades, they still remember the mistakes made by the teachers, and they are still full of resentment against their teachers in their memories. It can be seen that the mistakes made by the teacher have an impact on the students. Just like Caroline. In the introduction to the book, Dr. Olinc said: "Some teachers' words and deeds hurt students, and the trauma caused to the students' minds will always accompany him/her to grow and reflect his/her adult life." After reading every case in the book, I will be strongly shocked. In particular, the analysis of each case in the book makes me deeply inspired by the shaping of teachers Buy Newports Bulk. Although the examples cited in the book are all in the United States, the mistakes made by teachers in the book still have many similarities with the mistakes often made by some teachers in our country Wholesale Carton Cigarettes. Some of the points raised in the book are still for our Chinese teachers. There are many values ??for reference and thinking. For example, ��a competent teacher will pay attention to the difficulties of students at all times, play the role of guiding and helping people. This is the most important atmosphere for students to learn.�� ��The teachers who are reasonable will pay attention to the feelings of the blackboard when practicing.�� ��When you reach out When a finger blames people, the remaining four fingers are actually referring to yourself. "Excellent teachers are good at discovering other advantages of students who are not good at performance" and so on. These views also have aort, I have received another education after reading this book. It reminds us that we must always pay attention to our words and deeds in education and teaching, and pay attention to changing our own education policy, so as to reduce mistakes and avoid making the same mistakes Cartons Of Marlboro Reds.t 2: shaping the teacher's sense of reading Situational narrativee are two representative cases:
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