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TOPIC: ner, but have you ever thought tha

ner, but have you ever thought tha 8 months ago #3731

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The flat black asphalt road Marlboro Lights, the blossoming flower beds, the neat and neat sidewalks, how do all these glimpses of the scenery maintain their beauty? In spring, the weather turns from cold to warm, reminding everyone of everything Parliament Cigarettes, and it is time to get up. In the thousands of eyes, although there will be rubbish slipping away from the front, but how many people will lift them? Maybe one? Two? Or no. An orange uniform, a simple broom, slowly moving, and looking around from time to time. Oh! It turned out that he was looking for every waste that was displaced. He is a great and selfless cleaner! Like an angel, escorting every garbage home. Think about it carefully, how many people will be ignored or despised by a cleaner, but have you ever thought that one of the rubbish they picked up was left by you? They are like relatives, behind everyone. Doing things, such a small occupation in front of many people is no one, I have heard a story: there is a passerby, walking on the sidewalk, walking and walking suddenly fell. In the next few minutes, people who passed by were rushing away, for fear of having a relationship with him. But soon, a cleaner saw it, and hurriedly ran. After leaning down for a while, he pulled out his cell phone and pulled it 120.... The next day, when the passer-by woke up, he was always confused because the clean The worker escorted him into the ambulance and walked away. In those days when the car didn't come, the cleaners were always by his side. Later, the doctor only told him: "It is an angel who saved you." Everything is very touching. I found that almost every touching thing happened in an insignificant career. It is said that even they are giving love. As a new generation, why do we not give love? When everyone is like this Marlboro Red, I think this is the most beautiful scenery!
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