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TOPIC: This year, Teacher's

This year, Teacher's 7 months ago #3892

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This year, Teacher's Day, I was pleasantly surprised to find that my father and my parents' parents were all teachers. I thought about it, yes, ah, right, Grandma is also a teacher. Although you are not a teacher, you are always my teacher. You always say: "When the doctor is not very good? I will like this industry and I am very happy." Let the people around you become healthier, which will make you full of responsibility and mission. Dad is very proud of having such a great mother. Dad always tells your story. You used to study at the First People's Hospital of Wuhan. All the other doctors got off work at noon one day. You are going to eat. Suddenly, a middle school student was sent by his parents. His face was blood, saying that he was cleaning when he was doing cleaning. The window fell and the nose fell on the table. The situation is very urgent, but you did not panic, first reset the bridge of the nose, then fill with the Vaseline gauze, and finally suture the wound, after three days. As a result, a red paper was posted at the entrance of the hospital. The thank you letter: Dr. Hu Keyun... The people in the courtyard did not know who it was. Finally, I realized that I mistakenly regarded "Zhi" as "g". . You said that you have a full sense of pride. Your cultural level is not high Cigarettes Online. You graduated from a health school in the 1950s and cannot express your inner feelings with gorgeous words. You only know that you love this job and do it well. According to your words: "I am very happy every time I help a sick person recover. This is my responsibility!" I think what you said is very reasonable, and you must do your duty to do anything. For more than ten years, sticking to the post is an ordinary accumulation, and at the same time, it is a great creation. I regard you as my teacher. You, help the sick. I, help teachers and classmates. After being a representative of the language class, I was deeply aware that this was a sacred and responsible thing, but soon I relaxed. I didn��t want to take a few floors in my homework. I didn��t want to send my classmates Marlboro Lights, so I There is no time to play. I only need to be called "language." Anyway, no one knows the inner thoughts anyway. But I will never forget what you said: "If all the doctors in the world are afraid of being tired and tired, and don't want to see a doctor for a patient, then he is still a doctor. Then no one will save the dead!" I admire you, but I It��s ridiculous to let you down! But your words are like a whip, always beating me and suffocating me. Responsibility is not something that I am born with, but with a good teacher who leads me to the right path. So I secretly didn't sue, and then secretly changed it Marlboro Cigarettes. When I saw that the students had books in the hands, let me see the teacher's smile, my heart was born with a kind of respect. This reminds me of the red paper you said. As for Dad, I told you the story of giving the peasant a doctor in your village. I heard that they are grateful to make a whistle for you; the children play with buttons and almost suffocate, but fortunately you pinch the buttons in time; you help Xiao Zhang The tonsils have solved his long-term inflammation; you also help college students to do nasal polyps, which solves the problem of dizziness after years of poor breathing (he wrote a thank-you letter after graduation); there are many children who are delivered to you. . In short, there are too many things like this, sometimes Zhang Guan Li Dai. When I was writing this essay, you came over and looked at it and said with pride: "My deeds are more than that! My responsibility is great, I have to be worthy!" I deeply understand, what is called all walks of life There must be responsibility, and society is beautiful because of the existence of responsibility. "The three-person line must have my teacher." With the people around me as teachers, I have made progress and growth. You, my grandmother, your words and deeds, explain what responsibility is. Sometimes I am amazed at how fast I grow up, but it is also the result of the help of people around me.
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