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TOPIC: through? Don't delve into it. I am still i

through? Don't delve into it. I am still i 6 months, 4 weeks ago #4528

  • ylq123
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Fang April's appearance was so unpredictable that the old people didn't even know it. They wanted to get together and talk about it. Before they went out Newport 100S, the rain came again and again. In the park, the uncle who was playing Go a few minutes ago had to go to a place where he could hide from the rain. It is said that there is a lot of rain in March, it is already April, and there is still so much rain! The raindrops were big, like plum blossoms in the lunar month, falling in the wind and rising. The grass races, the tree buds sprout, and the river has flowed. Spring flowers are in full bloom, the Lingxiu running in front of it, laughing, tempting, a wave of romance extending. It turned out that the rain in March has been struggling to leave, and I want to stay more in April in the most beautiful world! Like April, love the fragrance and poetry of the rain. This is my colorful, unrelated to others, or spring. Guang Guang, everyone wants to ask themselves: whether they have been able to withstand all the exodus, all spend a full moon. Sun and rain are plentiful. The sun's rays shrank through the clouds, seeing a clean past and the rest of life. Those that can be recorded are laid in between, waiting to be taken to the beautiful place. Get up and reach into the dream. Small town, sky, and April as usual. The unknown beauty is still in the dark, undetected. Stubbornness, stubbornness, restraint, profound experience. As always, carrying a warm flame Cigarettes For Sale, inadvertently walking on a path without any definition. If anything in this world is forgivable, it must be fate. The beautiful scenery, I don't know which life can be rotated. Actually, I also look forward to it, expecting that fate has just begun, in this silent and quiet town. As Sister Ping said: "Although I have no confidence in marriage, I still believe in love." I dreamed that I was running in the desert, and told myself to find water. This vast expanse of dry, undulating, hidden countless splendid deserts, can I find water? Water is all hope! Wake up and think about it. Dreaming about the desert symbolizes travel. At this time in the world in April, what reminded me not only of Lin Huiyin's warmth, but also the strength and melancholy revealed in San Mao's bones Carton Of Cigarettes. Will the desert I dreamed of be the one Sanmao wandered through? Don't delve into it. I am still in a small town, writing frequently, writing well and quietly. No matter what I write, it will be placed along the original direction. Like all beauty and grace, surrounded by goodness, sent to a warm place. April is really exquisite, like destiny! Yes, it's exquisite, seamless and exquisite. Love the sadness that is blooming, and love all the good things that have happened or not yet. Thanks to April's asylum, the fate given by nature meets her with something. However, every encounter is another touch! I instantly understood that April is the season of gestation. Every life that is sown in April will take root and sprout, and grow lushly. There is reincarnation in life, and we yearn for it. There are also reincarnations in April, just deep in the season, and here in April, you can get prosperity and peace. The most beautiful is not only April days on earth, but also that good mood.
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Re: through? Don't delve into it. I am still i 6 months ago #4650

  • bhumika04
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