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TOPIC: his season is the

his season is the 6 months, 3 weeks ago #4529

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his season is the season where joy and anxiety coexist. Lazy feelings take root in people's hearts, are boring, and do nothing, so they are indifferent like grass and trees, silently expecting, expecting a light rain in the afternoon. Many similar afternoons, many similar seasons, many similar but different selves Newport Cigarettes, are trying to embellish the desolate changes of time. In the evening, I came to the field where the heat was rising and walked tirelessly. Let the subtle sensations spread in the bottom of my heart, let the wind of the paragraphs linger around the waist, buns, and affectionate narration with a distant message. Suddenly found himself always a quiet person. When you walk in shallowly, you can read the summer charm of the field, that kind of joy, that kind of enthusiasm. Silently parked in the middle of the field, look, the fiery red clouds quietly walking, look, the new and bright leaves shattered into a shadow in the light, listen, the breeze on the field gently whispered when passing by , Listen, the beating flower tells, it meets with the butterfly and parting ... Anyway, it is the most intimate return to the season. How bright and beautiful the summer season is, looking at the soft, weightless clouds passing from the top of the head through the leaves, like dreams with wings, flying freely above the wilderness Marlboro Lights, I walk alone, sneak, explore, longing Find a smooth path to the dream. The vast fields, the untouchable horizon, the undulating oasis, the busy diners, the girl of the shepherd, a cloud of orange clouds glowing like a cloud. Colorful butterflies flying with shaking wings, smiling flowers, silent grass, high-pitched singing voice, passionate sunset ... For many years, accompanied by the blooming and withering of Gesanghua, day by day, Season to season rotation has not changed, I can walk here, my heart is quiet. This is another world on earth, the habitat where the restless heart aspires, a dreamlike paradise. Here tears and smiles intersect at both ends of the world, real and illusory, toss in time and space, all hearts become pure and sweet, experience great joy and tranquility, imagine the yurts after settling, imagine the kind of kindness The real people, imagining their lives, are quiet, dynamic, and never stop. Each of them spends the beginning of life in their own way Parliament Cigarettes, leaving trivial or clear traces. Summer needs Enron, a pure world. Here, there are too many seasons, too many twilights, and too many lives. I always use my mobile phone as a camera, leaning forward, and tirelessly, Click, click ... The technology is not very good, I do not understand the angle and the light, but just a clumsy and faithful recorder, I am always a poor person who is not good at capturing, often watching many, many beautiful things, from the chest From the fingers, the wanton drain cannot be retained. In fact, it is clear that all efforts are futile, whether it is text or photos. I stepped on the path of the mountains, and walked in the red light of the evening, leaving deep and shallow footprints, a slight wind blowing, no hot light, no noise, and the twilight field was so quiet and quiet. The grand twilight, the rich twilight, the twilight in the wilderness, the twilight in the red, the twilight in the heart, the right moment, the right scenery, the right place for our tired soul, such as a quiet and open Gesang flower.
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