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Just as all plate heat exchangers are not created equal, neither are the replacement parts. Using lower cost, lower quality plates and gaskets can lead to decreased performance and increased costs.Get more news about Alfa Laval Phe Gaskets,you can vist our website!

Genuine rubber gaskets ensure tighter seals, longer lifetime and more uptime for gasketed plate heat exchangers. Alfa Laval gaskets may contain up to 30% more polymer than other gaskets, which contributes to optimal sealing.

Non-genuine gaskets may use the same nominal designations as genuine Alfa Laval gaskets, but their material properties differ.

Don't be fooled by gaskets that are slightly thicker - thicker is not better. Incorrect thickness causes inaccurate tightening calculations, which may cause leakage and/or deformation and destruction of the complete plate pack. This has been experienced by customers who use non-OEM spare parts.
Genuine Alfa Laval plates are made using single-step pressing. This ensures uniform plate strength and thickness over the entire plate, dramatically reducing the risk of fatigue cracking.

The correct material quality can make a huge difference to a process. Alfa Laval ensures that the correct material is specified according to its intended use.

In addition to supplying spare parts individually, we also offer complete spare plate packs.Plate packs often replace the most affected part of a plate heat exchanger.

By installing a new plate pack, the heat exchanger function is restored without having to replace the entire heat exchanger.In order to show you how inefficient some suppliers parts can be, we conducted an investigation to see what would happen if an original plate in an Alfa Laval plate heat exchanger is replaced by three other parts suppliers' plates. The investigation was conducted by an accredited laboratory and consisted of a visual examination, stereo microscope evaluation, photographic documentation and measurement of pressing depths.]]>
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Subject: Shrimp Peeling Systems - by: freemexy

Our shrimp systems offer superior performance in peeling tail-on styles: round, standard butterfly, gradual butterfly (model 61 only), and completely peeled and deveined. They can also process the E-Z peel style.
Once the operator places the shrimp on a tray the rest of the process is automatic. The system adjusts to each shrimp individually, gently peeling it in the style selected. Vein removal is enhanced with a new and innovative design.Get more news about shrimp peeling machine,you can vist our website!
We offer 2 models to better suit your individual needs – the Model 42 and the Model 61.
The compact automatic shrimp peeling machine is more cost effective than ever before and is perfect for restaurants, seafood markets and other food service operations.

10 times faster than hand peeling
Provides unsurpassed uniformity and product quality
Cleaner peeled shrimp mean less handling
Cuts lead time so you can serve fresher product
Peel any size from 10 to 90 count
Peel any kind: all warm water shrimp, wild or pond raised, fresh or previously frozen
Peel these styles: tail on or tail off: choose round, butterfly or EZ peel.

Meet peak demands easily without additional personnel
Easy to operate, paces the operator at a high, comfortable rate of 3000 shrimp per hour
Save Money! See cost analysis below.]]>
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Compression molding is a high-pressure molding process: the polymer is melted, mixed and homogenized inside a plasticizing unit. A device draws doses of polymer in the exact weight of the product and inserts them into the molds. The pressure applied to each mold can reach values of about 400 Kg/cm2.Get more news about compression moulding machine,you can vist our website!

HIGHER PRODUCTIVITY thanks to a shorter cycle time. The lower extrusion temperature allows the mold to cool the cap faster.

ENERGY SAVINGS due to the lower extrusion temperature. With less energy needed to heat the plastic, less is required to cool it.
PRODUCT WITH BETTER MECHANICAL PROPERTIES. Because plasticizing occurs at low temperatures and with no hot runner, the raw material maintains its characteristics and product performance is improved.
CONSTANT WEIGHT AND SIZE OF THE PRODUCT is a winning feature of this technology, exceeding the best results of injection molding. A cooler product exiting the mold means less shrinkage and therefore less size variability.
RAPID, EASY MAINTENANCE thanks to independent molds. Molds are replaced quickly and individually; maintenance is performed at the stand while the machine is operating.
FAST, ECONOMICAL COLOR CHANGEOVER. The simplicity of the plasticizing unit and the absence of the hot runner speed up color changeover and considerably reduce waste of raw material during and after color switches.
CCM hydraulic rotary presses are specially designed to produce thermoplastic products by means of compression.
A continuous work cycle is carried out, during which the plastic material is fed by a plasticization unit, cut into suitably sized pellets and then inserted inside the cavities.
Compression moulding is already a well known technology worldwide. More than 45% of plastic beverage caps are produced through compression.]]>
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Subject: Which metal is electroplated on bathroom fittings ? - by: freemexy

Chromium metal is electroplated on bathroom fittings. It has shiny appearance, does not corrode easily and resists scratches. So that is why it is used in electroplating.Get more news about Metal Tile Electroplating,you can vist our website!

Any company with a data center knows the importance of mitigating failure risks and maintaining an environment that promotes efficiency and uptime. From temperature monitoring to layout design, many factors can contribute to outages and failures. Disruptions can lead to lost time and data, but if you’re diligent, you can reduce the potential for failure before it occurs. However, there are some risks you may not know that apply to your data center until you observe the symptoms.

Zinc whiskers are one of these hazards. You may not know you’re dealing with them — or even what they are — until you begin to have problems around your data center. Learning about the causes and symptoms of zinc whiskers early on will help you identify the potential issue before your center suffers damage. Our guide will walk you through what zinc whiskers are, why they’re a security risk, how to properly diagnose the problem and what you can do to prevent and resolve the issue.
Zinc whiskers are crystals that form on the surfaces of steel items that have been electroplated with zinc. When it comes to steel specifically, the zinc plating helps protect it from rusting. Without the protective surface, it would be susceptible to the moisture from the room climate and cooling systems. But while the zinc prevents one problem, its presence in a data center can result in others.

The electroplating process causes a significant amount of molecular stress. Zinc overlay is an excellent barrier for preventing corrosion, but the passivation puts the zinc under consistent compression and stress. To relieve the pressure, the zinc may expand outwards, which forms microscopic filaments on the outer surface of these plates. These filaments grow over time, resulting in whiskers you can just barely observe with the naked eye.

While zinc whiskers are a more common problem in older data centers, they aren’t exclusively found there. They can form on any zinc electroplated metal surface. For data centers, this can mean the plenum sides of raised floor tiles, pedestals, stringers, cable and runway trays and other infrastructural supports. They’re common on wood core, composite wood core and concrete core tiles.

If your data center uses a raised floor HVAC system and has older floor tiles, you may run into issues caused by zinc whiskers. When the tiles are left without replacement or proper sealing, zinc whiskers can grow for years without disturbance.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to prevent them or stop growth by changing environmental conditions. They continue to lengthen regardless of humidity, temperature or any other outside factors. Their existence depends solely on the molecular makeup of the metal, meaning if your tiles or infrastructure includes steel electroplated with zinc, you’re at a high risk of experiencing problems related to zinc whiskers.]]>
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Subject: Temporary Sandwich Panel Houses K Type Modular School Design Prefab Dormitory For Sale - by: freemexy

1,Attractive appearance, quickly installation, big steel content, knock-down type, flexible transportation.Its recycle life time is more than 8 times with excellent performance on anti-seismic, anti-typhoon, durable etc.Get more news about K-type Modular House,you can vist our website!

2,wall system: our exterior wall panel have many different types for choosing(single layer steel PPGI sheet, sandwich panel with EPS ,Rockwool, XPS, Fiber, PU). Partition wall can be divided at you will. The panel has excellent performance on fireproof, waterproof, dampproof, heatproof, soundproof.

3,Design is strictly according to GBH17-88/GBJ18-87

The whole building structure:span calculation way: within 5K,single and double layers'span 1K=1820mm,the whole building's stability increase by length h(>6);

Roofing structure: triangle truss with 40mm angel purlin,M12*25 bolts, roof panel types same as wall panel for choosing;

Flooring structure horizontal beam with C type purlin and T=15mm plywood flooring;
Our prefab house is widely used in construction jobsite as temporary office building, accommodation house, canteen, warehouse. Also can be used as city municipal, commercial or other using temporary house ,like temporary school ,hospital parking, maintenance department , scenery district vacation house, disaster relief etc.]]>
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Subject: Amorphous Soft Magnetic Core for the Stator of the High-Speed PMBLDC Motor With Half-Open Slots - by: freemexy

Several papers have appeared in recent years on the application of the amorphous soft magnetic materials in the stators of the electric motors. In our previous work, we demonstrated that the replacement of a slotless stator from the FeSi electrical steel with the stator from an amorphous alloy Metglas 2605 SA1 in a high-speed permanent magnet brushless direct current (PMBLDC) motor resulted in a substantial decrease of power losses in this stator, even by three times at the rotary frequency of 70 000 r/min. Get more news about Amorphous Stators,you can vist our website!
This paper was concentrated on the development of the cores for stators with half-open slots, which are technologically more difficult to produce than the slotless cores. The cores were made by cutting out suitable amount of 25μm-thick rings from the FeSiB amorphous ribbon by a laser technique, followed by stacking up the rings and their consolidation, and suitable heat treatment of the compressed stacks. Next, the measurements of the magnetic properties of the sample cores with half-open slots were made using the Remacomp C-1200 hysteresisgraph and the Lakeshore 450 Gaussmeter. Based on the results of measurements, the sample cores of different heights (17.5 and 10 mm) were selected for application in a stator of the prototype high-speed PMBLDC motor, 800 W in rated power and with a maximum rotary speed of 60 000 r/min. The preliminary performance tests with this prototype motor showed that after 1 h of uninterrupted operation, the temperature of a motor housing did not exceed 60 °C. It was also found that the operating efficiency of the PMBLDC motor incorporating a stator with half-open slots, made from an amorphous material, was almost 90% over a wide range of torques (from 40 to 140 mN · m).]]>
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Subject: Shuttle and part transfer systems - by: freemexy

In production environments, where high inspection throughput is required, a shuttle system can greatly reduce the overall time taken to measure a component. The shuttle system can accurately locate the fixture into the measuring volume of a machine and bring the fixture closer to the operator for much easier component loading. Where guarding or enclosures are used on shop floor CMMs, a shuttle system is invaluable.Get more news about Automatic Shuttle Transfer System,you can vist our website!

Renishaw has several options of shuttle systems that can be tailored to suit any application:
This shuttle system is ideal for moving parts on and off a CMM or moving fixtures/parts in and out of an enclosed CMM. Linear rails provide smooth movement for the top plate. Built-in stops with locking pins allow the plate to be secured in the loading position as well as in the final position on the CMM.

These shuttle systems are custom designed to suit multiple fixtures/parts that have a high volume of inspections. The fixtures/parts are located outside of the CMM in individual pre-load stations to ease operator loading. They are then pulled from the pre-load position and pushed down the main shuttle to the CMM. Once in position, the shuttle plate is located onto kinematic pins for repeatable location. The number of fixture stations can be designed to suit your exact requirements. The basic system is operated manually, however, automated options are available for moving parts at the push of a button.

This rail system is the simplest and least costly of our systems and is great for moving fixtures on and off the CMM. The rails can be mounted directly on to the CMM table or on top of a fixtures base plate and are made from Delrin®. An optional steel backer plate can be added for extra support. There are three stops that position fixtures into a repeatable nest and if needed, toggle clamps can be added.]]>
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Subject: V38 Hma Manganese Oxide Deoxidizer, Deoxidation Chemical Catalyst for Oxide Removal - by: freemexy

HMA deoxidizer is normal temperature type manganese deoxidizer. The main component is manganese oxide, which is extruded by adding carrier and catalytic components.Get more news about Oxide Deoxidizing Catalyst,you can vist our website!

Can be regenerated multiple times
The deoxidizer has deoxygenation activity after being treated with reducing media such as hydrogen, and can be regenerated multiple times after failure.

Deep deoxygenation at room temperature
The deoxidizer can be used for deep deoxygenation of propylene, ethylene, nitrogen, hydrogen and other raw materials at room temperature, and has a high deoxygenation capacity.

Widely used
The deoxidizer is widely used in industries such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and high-purity gas production.
A high-efficient and non-noble metal molybdenum oxide deoxidizing catalyst has been successfully developed whose production process is simple and rational. The catalyst has many excellent properties such as a larger amount of processing ability, a greater range of space velocity and a lower residual oxygen. The catalyst can be used in deoxidization of hydrogen bearing or non-hydrogen bearing gases and can be also used in sulfur or non-sulfur bearing gases. This catalyst can meet the demand of petrochemical, construction materials and electronics industries and is expected to enjoy good market prospects .]]>
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Subject: Millimeter-Wave Radar - by: freemexy

Millimeter-wave radar refers to a radar operating in the millimeter-wave band. Generally, the millimeter wave refers to an electromagnetic wave in the frequency domain of 30–300 GHz (wavelength of 1–10 mm) [17]. The wavelength of the millimeter wave is between the centimeter wave and the light wave, so the millimeter-wave radar has the advantages of microwave navigation and photoelectric navigation. Millimeter waves have a wide range of applications in 5G communications, satellite remote sensing, missile navigation, and electronic countermeasures. In recent years, related technologies such as circuit design and antenna technology have been increasingly developed and matured with the continuous improvement of the level of components. The application of millimeter-wave radar in railway trains has also been greatly developed.Get more news about millimeter wave radar,you can vist our website!

The next generation of traffic control systems is being developed by many automotive companies throughout the world. These systems will avoid traffic accidents by using laser/millimeter wave radar technology. An applied example of this technology could allow a vehicle to be controlled by markers buried along the road which would receive the reflection of laser or millimeter waves that were being transmitted from the vehicle. The distance between vehicles can also be measured by laser/millimeter wave radar techniques and help prevent collisions. Quartz crystal vibrators are used for the base of these waves and for the information treatment circuit.

Millimeter-wave radars can be classified into Long-Range Radar (LRR) and Short-Range Radar (SRR). Since the millimeter wave is weakly attenuated in the atmosphere, it is possible to detect a farther distance. Among them, LRR can achieve more than 200 m of sensing and detection [17]. The advantages of millimeter-wave radar make it occupy a large part in the vehicle anticollision sensor. According to IHS data, the millimeter-wave/microwave radar + camera accounts for 70% of the vehicle anticollision sensor. ART also uses the same millimeter-wave radar method.

Compared with ultrasonic radar, millimeter-wave radar has the characteristics of small size, lightweight, and high spatial resolution. Millimeter-wave radar has a strong ability to penetrate fog, smoke, and dust when compared with optical sensors such as infrared sensors, laser sensors, and cameras. Millimeter-wave radar has all-weather all-day characteristics. In addition, the antiinterference ability of millimeter-wave radar is better than other on-board sensors.]]>
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Subject: Hyper Tough 120 Lumen LED UV Pen Light Flashlight - by: freemexy

The Hyper Tough 120 Lumen Multi-mode UV LED Penlight is a perfect inspection light to illuminate tight spaces. This penlight comes in a black finish, and has a removable pocket clip. The sleek design is complimented with the powerful flashlight, it features rubber bite tube for hands free use. The flashlight has 3 modes: white, red, and UV. UV function is ideal for identifying oil leakage. The slim light is easy to operate with a simple button at the top of the pen, convenient for single-handed use. Its removable clip can be pocket easy carry. Two AAA alkaline batteries are included. Durable aluminum construction allows you use it for long time.for Car Repairing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Hurricane,Multifunctional,high lumen,easy to carry, hook design .It's perfectly fine.Adapt to various difficult environments and make work emergency more convenient.Plus we give you the all batteries you need to use inside light. They are all triple A batteries, the pen light is nice because it has the little hook on the top, like an actual pen does, so you can place it in your pocket and it looks like a pen.Get more news about High Power Uv Pen Light,you can vist our website!

The Hyper Tough 120 Lumen Multi-mode UV LED Penlight is a perfect inspection light to illuminate tight spaces. This penlight comes in a black finish, and has a removable pocket clip. The sleek design is complimented with the powerful flashlight, it features rubber bite tube for hands free use. The flashlight has 3 modes: white, red, and UV. UV function is ideal for identifying oil leakage. The slim light is easy to operate with a simple button at the top of the pen, convenient for single-handed use. Its removable clip can be pocket easy carry. Two AAA alkaline batteries are included. Durable aluminum construction allows you use it for long time.for Car Repairing, Camping, Hiking, Backpacking, Fishing, Hurricane,Multifunctional,high lumen,easy to carry, hook design .It's perfectly fine.Adapt to various difficult environments and make work emergency more convenient.Plus we give you the all batteries you need to use inside light. They are all triple A batteries, the pen light is nice because it has the little hook on the top, like an actual pen does, so you can place it in your pocket and it looks like a pen.]]>
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Subject: Michael 'Air' Jordan - by: freemexy

Michael Jordan not only revolutionised basketball, he also dictated fashion on and off the court and became a sports icon that has continued to reign over the years.To get more news about coco shoes yeezy, you can visit official website.

The premiere of the documentary "The Last Dance" made us all remember 'His Airness' and everything that influenced him. He was and is much more than a basketball player.
With the advancement of technology and science that take leaps and bounds every year, Jordan's sneakers were transformed and what happened a few years ago, is no longer today. Jordan's legendary sneakers today would be too heavy to play in for current players, however they became a cultural beacon that still resonate around the world.In 1984, there was no social media and television was the primary means of communication at the time Jordan arrived, quickly becoming a global phenomenon.

However, at the time, there were some doubts about Jordan's potential on the court, but after he won the NCAA National Championship and led the United States at the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles, brands were falling over themselves to endorse the next big thing, at a time when monster sports endorsements/contracts didn't exist, the same way they do today.

Jordan had offers from Converse, Adidas, and Nike in footwear, while McDonald's, Coca Cola, and Chevrolet lined up forhis signature to endorse their products.Initially, Jordan leaned towards Adidas and when he went to the interview with Converse, he was offered to continue with the same path they took with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird, but their aspiration was something more.

David Falk, Jordan's agent was inclined to Nike, but Michael did not even take them into account, so Falk turned to Jordan's parents to try to convince him. "Look, if we're going to represent your son, he has to trust me. I wouldn't ask for this if it wasn't worth it, " Falk told MJ's parents, in an excerpt from Basketball: A Love Story, so they convinced him to take a flight to Oregon.But there were different ways to promote the image of Jordan, from sneakers, headbands, sweatbands, shirts, etc. Back then, no basketball player had his own line, as was the case with tennis players.

Falk spoke to his friend Rob Strasser, a former Nike executive, to inform him that if he wanted to sign Jordan, he needed to treat him as a tennis player. "We might consider giving him his own line of shoes and clothes. What do you want to call the line?' Strasser asked Falk. Days later the idea came to call it Air Jordan.

Although they were not 100% convinced, the brand stipulated a clause in the contract that if they did not sell $3 million, they could cancel the contract. Did he succeed? In its first year, it sold $130 million.]]>
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Subject: BEST LED TACTICAL FLASHLIGHTS 2021 - by: freemexy

3 modes & zoomable flashlight : touch the button or pull the flashlight head, you can easily switch high light,low light,strobe three modes, adjust the focus to illuminate the wide area. more practical than a single-mode flashlight, a family flashlight, suitable for mountaineering, climbing or night use to see far area.To get more news about Nitecore Flashlight, you can visit official website.
Impact-resistant and waterproof : this durable led strong light outdoor flashlight is made of durable aluminum alloy material, which has the functions of waterproof, impact is a portable rechargeable flashlight suitable for rainy weather, heavy snow, earthquake and other emergency situations
Super light flashlight : charminer 90000 high lumen flashlight led bulb provides bright light,powerful beam.easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away! suitable for home and outdoor use,dog walking, night use and emergency gift for men and boy
Rechargeable handheld flashlight : comes with a large-capacity powerful battery and a usb charging cable. tactical flashlight can be charged by power bank, computer, usb outlet charger etc. do not worry about facing difficulties in the wild, powerful batteries can last for several hours
You will get : charminer high lumen flashlight. includes 1 x p70 led flashlight,1 x battery, 1 x usb cable. are you and your family or friends going on a trip or hiking or camping please remember to bring this flashlight with you, it will be a good helper
5 light modes: led flashlight s1000 supports five switchable modes, high / medium / low / strobe / sos. a full-press to switch on and off and a half-press to cycle through lighting modes, 5 settings replace the need for multiple flashlights makes for a practical addition to any household or emergency kit.adjustable focus.
Super durable: this flashlight made of durable aluminum alloy crust, head cooling groove design make you hands feel comfortable for long time use. lotus top can protect the lens, control cutting technology, this flashlight skid-proof, abrasion resistance and ordinary waterproof design for better experience. it’s perfect for use in the rain, snow or emergency situations.
High power brightness: s1000 high lumen flashlight led bulb provides bright light, easily light up an entire room or focus in on objects up to 1000 feet away! intense spotlight for long range observation. conveniently takes 3 standard aaa batteries or 1×18650 rechargeable button top li-ion battery. (batteries are not included.)
Compact, adjustable focus: our flashlights utilize the latest durable xml t6 led chip, provides super bright light beam. easy-controlled head-pulling zoom and easy mode-switch by light taps of button. adjustable focus for use in different situations it ideal for use around the house (just rotate torch head to adjust zoom)
You will get: you will get 2x led tactical flashlights, it is recommended to keep one in your car, keep one at home, each fmu flashlight s1000 comes with a one-year no questions asked replacement warranty. with fast customer service response, your problem will be solved within 24 hours.
Adjustable focus-adjustable focus for use in different situations (just rotate torch head to adjust zoom). the led flashlight allows you to select focus between spot and flood beams.
Widely use-easy to carry with you as a backup and is small enough to fit in your pocket, handbag, drawer, or car compartment. takes 3 standard aaa or a single 18650 rechargeable.
Super bright with 5 modes—powerful 3000 lumen led generates a brilliant large area floodlight or a perfectly focused spotlight over a beam distance of 656ft/200m. adjustable focus with 5 modes: (high, medium, low, strobe, sos/emergency).
Waterproof & high quality-the flashlight is waterproof and it is made of aluminum alloy and rubber. durable aluminum alloy crust, abrasion resistance.
Portable mini size-the led flashlight is portable mini size, length: 5. 39in, diameter: 1. 37; weight 185g, fits well in your hand or pocket. compact to fit easily into your pocket wherever you go.]]>
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Subject: PvP-flagged players in New World will get more benefits - by: freemexy

New World players often refrain from enabling the PvP-flag as they are not keen on risking their money and resources on repairs that happen after dying and being a PvP volunteer certainly increases the chance of that happening. As it currently stands, the players merely get a 10 per cent XP increase while they are flagged for PvP, which is not enough to compensate for the increased risk of damaging equipment, both on the character and in their inventory.To get more news about buy new world, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

AGS acknowledged this issue in a forum post and provided a brief overview of the quality of life changes that are coming to the game with a future update.

First, there are short-term changes that are easy to implement and should mitigate the problem. Players with PvP-flag on will also get increased luck, which will serve to encourage engaging in PvP at level 60, where the additional experience gain didn't have any benefit. On top of that, the aforementioned damage to equipment will be mitigated so the repairs will not be mandatory as often.

In a slightly later future, the enabled flag will grant max-level players an alternative way to increase the dreaded watermark as player kills will somehow move the system forward. Details of this change have not been revealed but it certainly sounds good after all that grind in Elite zones.
Finally, the long term changes will include a new open world activity that will only take PvP-flagged players. It will contain rewards of its own and promote smaller-scale engagements across the world, essentially bringing the PvP enthusiasts into the same place.]]>
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World of Warcraft Classic’s Season of Mastery (SoM) PvP is going to be a new experience for those playing retail. It’ll also give those who played during the Classic Era a chance to take the things they learned and reapply them here.To get more news about buy wow items, you can visit lootwowgold official website.

Unlike with Classic Era, SoM will introduce the three Battlegrounds, their rewards, and reputations from day one. You’ll also find PvP objectives in Eastern Plaguelands, as Blizzard looks to open up more content earlier. Blizzard has decided, however, not to make any balance changes with this first “alternative” Classic experience. So, most tier lists are likely to remain relevant here.

This Alliance-only healer is a true boss of PvP healing. With the Paladin being so heavily focused on single-target healing, they’re ideal to partner with a Warrior as their ‘Pocket-Healer’ and dominate battlegrounds. This is especially so in Warsong Gulch or Arathi Basin, when smaller 10v10 or 15v15 conflicts lend themselves to a solo carry. Unlike Priests, Paladins have the advantage of plate armor (at level 40), bubbles, seals, and blessing. Giving them a great deal of utility to survive and protect allies.

The standard PvP build for Holy Paladin is 32/19/0. It removes all unnecessary PvE talents, such as Precision, for a much more defensive style with talents like Shield Specialization, however, retains access to Holy Shock (the last Holy talent). You’ll then need to dip into the Protection tree to get Improved Consecration — as you’ll want to use Aura of concentration in PvP.

The priest is slightly trumped by the Paladin on the Alliance side, but for Horde, this is the healer to go to. The Priest is far from perfect, however, Cloth armor makes them easy to kill, they lack mobility, and they do very little damage. Although, if you can avoid being focused, you’ll dish out great healing. Another point to remember is that each Priest Race has a unique spell. For example, Dwarf Priests have Fear Ward, making their target immune to the next fear cast on them. Wowhead has a great breakdown of the unique spells here (scroll down to the “Best Priest Races” section).

21/30/0 is what you want to aim for as Discipline. With this build, you’ll see increased spell range, damage, and Power Infusion. Plus a 15 buff that increases spell damage and healing by 20% to you or an ally. Then you’ll want to put points into Holy to pick up a few deeper talents such as Improved Healing to keep your mana in check.

You’d better get used to seeing Rogues in Classic SoM – or rather, not seeing them. Subtlety Rogue is the best of the three Rogue specs when it comes to PvP. They’re one of the best, most reliable damage classes in the game, and with so few requirements for gear, they’ll torment most Battlegrounds. You can play any of the three specs in PvP, however, Subtlety is the most viable in almost all situations.

Early in Classic SoM (phase 1 or 2) you’ll see a lot of Rogues running 21/3/27 with Cold Blood from Assassination and Improved Eviscerate. This will give you one-shot damage potential on most players in the early stages of Classic SoM. A slight variation can see you drop two points in Subtlety (Heightened Senses) for Improved Kidney Shot in Assassination. Regardless, in SoM Rogues are likely to be as dominant across PvP and PvE as they were in Classic Era. Especially with the Debuff count being all but removed.]]>
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Subject: China elevates Xi over tradition that would require him to step down - by: freemexy

Leaders of China's ruling Communist Party on Thursday set the stage for President Xi Jinping to extend his rule next year, praising his role in the country's rise as an economic and strategic power and approving a political history that gives him status alongside the most important party figures.To get more Shanghai scenic spots, you can visit shine news official website.

Central Committee members declared Xi’s ideology the “essence of Chinese culture” as they wrapped up a leadership meeting. In unusually effusive language even for a Chinese leader, a party statement said it was “of decisive significance” for “the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.”Xi, who has amassed more personal authority than any leader since at least Deng Xiaoping in the 1980s, has widely been expected to pursue a third five-year term as party general secretary. That would break with a two-decade-old party tradition that would require the 68-year-old leader to step down next year.

The party leadership's resolution on its history is only the third since its founding 100 years ago, following one under Mao Zedong, the first leader of the Communist government, and another under Deng, who launched reforms that turned China into an economic powerhouse. The decision to issue one under Xi symbolically raises him to their status.

The party removed term limits on Xi’s post as president in 2018, indicating his intention to stay in power. Then, officials told reporters Xi might need more time to make sure economic and other reforms were carried out.

Xi, the son of one of Mao’s generals, faces no obvious rivals, but a bid to say in power has the potential to alienate younger party figures who might see their chances for promotion diminished.Also, political scientists point to the experience of other countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America and warn that long periods of one-person rule lead to poor official decisions and economic performance.

Thursday's party statement emphasized its successes in overseeing China’s emergence as the world's second-biggest economy, glossing over deadly political violence in its early decades in power and growing complaints about human rights abuses.

The statement affirmed Beijing's handling of Hong Kong, where it is trying to crush pro-democracy activism, and relations with Taiwan. The party claims the island democracy is part of its territory and is trying to intimidate the Taiwanese public by sending growing numbers of fighter jets and bombers to fly near its coast.The party “firmly implemented ‘patriots ruling Hong Kong’” and “resolutely opposed Taiwan separatists,” the statement said.

Xi has overseen an assertive foreign policy and expansion of the party’s military wing, the People’s Liberation Army. It has the world's second-largest military budget after the United States and is developing submarines, stealth aircraft and ballistic missiles that can carry nuclear warheads to extend China’s power beyond its shores.

On economic matters, the ruling party under Xi has pursued a sometimes contradictory strategy of promising to give market forces a dominant role while tightening state control over industry. Tech companies are under pressure to invest their own money to promote party development ambitions.

China was the first major economy to rebound from the coronavirus pandemic but in the longer term faces steadily declining growth and a shrinking workforce at a time when Chinese incomes still are below the world average.

Xi is leading a “Common Prosperity” initiative that calls for narrowing income and wealth gaps between China’s billionaire elite and the poor majority. Companies are under pressure to share their wealth with workers and the public by raising wages and paying for rural job creation and other development efforts.]]>
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