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Rimshot Outro Groove - Erykah Badu - Piano Lesson

For this lesson we’re going to learn a hip hip/soul groove from the tune “Rimshot (Outro),” by Erykah Badu, off her 1997 debut album Baduizm. Badu released Baduism, considered one of the most influential neo soul albums of all time, when she was 25 years old; the album went on to achieve triple platinum status.

“Rimshot” has an extremely simple rhythmic pattern, with only one syncopated chord in the entire vamp. The harmony heavily features sus and mi11 chords, as well as one extended dominant that could also be described as a poly chord.

In this lesson we’ll first learn the groove with two-handed voicings, and then we’ll adapt the harmony for the right hand only and add a bassline underneath.

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