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'Milestones'-style Fast Swing Groove

In this lesson we’re going to learn a 32-bar up-tempo swing groove in the G Dorian mode, in the style of Miles Davis’ classic 1958 modal tune, “Milestones” (not to be confused with the 1947 Charlie Parker/Miles Davis bebop collaboration with the same name). The groove is divided into two 16-bar sections; the first 16 bars are in a call-and-response format, with a left-hand bass call and a two-handed chordal response, while the next 16 feature a continuous pedal tone bass in the left hand and a rising chord sequence in the right. This is a standalone lesson, although it may help to check out “Dorian Mode in all 12 Keys,” as well as “Comping Voicings in Dorian,” for some extra background material.

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