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TOPIC: If it is a city of smoke an

If it is a city of smoke an 10 months ago #2794

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If it is a city of smoke and rain, but this city is a drum-like ice bead, it is a bit horrible, and people who can't avoid it are beyond recognition. The sparrows flew in horror toward the distant trees, and the town was full of chaotic people. Ah! This arrogant northwesterly wind is also welcome. No matter how you dodge, it will be able to blow you through. The only thing that makes me wonder is that today is so cold, no one is willing to go back in the sky and the rain, I am also frozen and miserable. Spitting a long mist, wrapped in sleeves, because the ground is very slippery, the surface of the water seeping runs on a thin layer of ice, so you can only walk steadily. The sky is still gray, the air is cold and humid Newport Cigarettes, and the small town is full of people watching the scenery. I often say that I like to see the scenery, no matter the glory of the glory, I can see some good intentions. Or my pseudo-romanticism has not reached a certain level, I feel that ordinary people will be busy with life, there is not much time to see the surrounding clouds change, the ice rain begins to melt, turned into a delicate little raindrop, sprinkled obliquely from the west The air is suddenly cold. The physics knowledge is to understand a little, the heat is melting, the heat release is really not shaped, and the ground begins to freeze again. When I walked to the speed bump, I almost slipped and I was laughed at by my little brother. Hey, hey is a bit stunned, at least it can add some fun to this cold weather. When a white flower falls, I will be relieved. It��s not just me waiting alone! Then, when two, three, and a large piece of fragrance fell, I spit out a sigh of relief, and I was in a good mood! This is the first snow in winter this year, very precious. I don't know why many people like snow. Is it because the aesthetic concept of "Tianren Ning Xuqiao, cut water for flowers" is coveted? Or is it a "small, foggy, condensed step like a flower"? Think about it, we are not as high as the ancients. What I really like is that it is delicate, pure, natural, and slightly intentional Marlboro Lights, but it makes people feel no regrets. The insatiable and unsettled sweet winter is here. How can you be happy without snow? The small town was full of hilarious crowds, running, and the ground was covered with mottled footprints. Looking at the innocent snow covered with snow Wholesale Cigarettes, I have a bit of a pain, but it is only from my superficial senses. If this snow can bring happiness to many people, why not? In fact, I didn��t want to think so at first. I always felt that many people just walked in the cold weather for curiosity, even if they waited for snow, they just took a look. Satisfy curiosity. But I heard someone say, "It��s snowing. If you are at home, you will be able to harvest in the coming year." This is a blessing. "It��s finally snowing, I hope our baby can grow up happily." This is prayer. "Haha, it's snowing, I seem to smell the dumplings made by my mother!" Online Cigarettes, although simple words, but with joy, joy, thoughts and long-awaited waiting for the city to be fragrant, long road ahead I have no idea to go back. The front of the general sense is like the people who are watching the scenery. They are excited to say that it is snowing, go, drink! That's so beautiful. In fact, there is no wine in front, and some are my endless thoughts and departures. But the time won't be too long, because it has been saved for a long time, it is time to go home Marlboro Red.

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