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TOPIC: How many terminal stations

How many terminal stations 6 months, 3 weeks ago #3974

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How many terminal stations can you have in your life, how many rainy days, how many people like you can walk through, and count the road signs of life. In the alley, the sun rises, the sun shines, everything lights up, but the alley is still the same, it is very dark, the sunshine that should have come in is blocked by the house, only a small part is sprinkled on the house, too It��s high and you can��t touch it. The alleys have always been so cold and wet, and the moss spreads privately in the corners of the corners, and a group of people has a few joys in their hearts. The ivy is alive again. The broad-oval leaves climb over the walls, and the slender petiole touches the sun, and there is a joy. When can I feel the temperature of the sun like a creeper? Alone on the window sill, through the window, only the wall built by the opposite cement, gray, no life, no sunshine, only the wall and the reflection of the window itself, such The days are really unbearable when you can get out of the alleys, how many times have you walked to the end of the alley, to see the world outside, to find warm sunshine. However, the family refused, and fabricated a mythical story after another, not letting our children go. However, how can this control our curiosity, crept to the entrance, and the family��s shouts came from behind, and the ass was always a few Newport 100S. This time, I took the courage to make a request to my father. Dad was a meal first. Later, my brow was locked for a long time. I sighed and the gully on my face became more and more obvious Marlboro Gold. The crow's feet in the corners of the eyes were dense and the scars on my head were not. The hair is clearly visible, and the silver wire seems to have a few more. He nodded, then silence, and slowly walked away. Finally, after a few days, the long path in the alley seemed to be shortened a lot. The little friends looked at me with amazement, and whispered with me from time to time. I didn't care too much about them, just what kind of scenery was in the face of the accident. The last step came out, the sun shined on the body, the warmth, took all the moisture in the alley, took a lot of spirit, looking at the sky, the sun was particularly glaring, the bright eyes were numb The sunflowers of the Western family are open, facing the rising sun. Laughing. The world outside is really warm. Dad saw me see God and said, "This sun is too hot, not like people, rest in the evening, but why is it so energetic Online Cigarettes." Yes, I have forgotten it myself, and then I am hot. The sun, also through the lonely night. The inner loss has wiped out most of my dad and turned back. He said, "I don't feel very comfortable with this sun. I will go back first. If you like the sun so much, work hard and get out of such an alley." I looked at it strangely. The back of his departure, in reality, he is not the same as in memory. When time passes, there will always be something left. He walked slowly, reached the corner, stopped his steps, turned back, his face was blank, his lips trembled as if he were saying something, it should be my name... Toward the light. You will leave. So please don't wake me up to sleep, so I will always sleep until the end, one person walks by, one understands. After the night, it is the sun, like your most warm sunshine.
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