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TOPIC: Among the green

Among the green 10 months, 3 weeks ago #3975

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Among the green leaves, there is a touch of tender yellow goose, long and slender Newport Cigarettes Coupons, lovable, slightly curved like a shy little girl, my little spider orchid hooked me into memories. At the beginning of the first day of school, the class teacher asked each of us to buy a pot of flowers. I deliberately chose a beautiful white pot to plant my little spider plant. The small spider plant is tender and green, delicate and tender and confusing. Looking at the weak wind, her heart, in addition to joy, more responsibility, I have to raise a small spider plant. In order to make my little spider plant grow up quickly, I put the small spider plant in a humid place every day, watering it, and letting her sunbathe from time to time. Looking at a touch of green and bright in the sun, with the dried dewdrops shining together, my heart seems to have honey. This is my little spider orchid, mine, little spider plant. Finally, my little spider plant grew up a little more lush. But my studies have gradually increased, so I have no time to take care of her. Once again, I met after a weekly test. I still remember the Zhou Zhouguan that time, it hit me too much. The mathematics of that time was a mess, although my heart knew that I was serious, but my heart was still unbelievable, and even fell into a trough. Suddenly, a touch of tender green appeared in my mind, but the figure that was weak but indecent, and that was my little sling. I gradually went to the small spider plant... At this time, the little spider plant had no sense of weakness, and the green leaves were covered. The whole pot, the white potted pot is good-looking, sticking out a few branches from the side, and growing leaves on the branches Parliament Cigarettes, it is vital and energetic. The joy and pride almost drowned me. I began to talk to Xiao Lanlan. I was happy, unhappy, and I said it all in one mind. My heart seemed to be a bit relieved. Gradually, I began to smash, and I have not taken care of her for a long time. It��s rare that she grows so well. When I was about to water her, the little white color attracted me.At first, I thought it was a confetti. I dialed it by hand and found that it was still missing. This was close to me. At that moment, I was shocked. God, my weak little spider plant has blossomed. Now she is healthy and beautiful, but I know that when she first raised her, she was weak and pitiful, but now she has blossomed, and the happiness in her heart is like the flood of the dyke, and washed away all the distracting thoughts, I am relieved. The little white flower crawling on the green branch will be the star that I will never fall. This makes me think of myself. I can't give up. The small spider plant gave me too much happiness and inspiration Cheap Cigarettes. Looking at my little Angel, I smiled again happily.
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