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TOPIC: nds for not wasting t

nds for not wasting t 6 months ago #4122

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Time passed, time passed quietly like the fine sand in the hand. We have unknowingly spent a long and short six years, more than a thousand days and nights have witnessed our growth, and witnessed how we have changed from a ignorant child into a sunny teenager. Now, we are already a junior high school student Cigarettes Online. Elementary school to junior high school is a qualitative leap Cigarettes For Sale. This means we have to take some responsibilities. We can no longer be little emperors at home, stretch out our clothes and open our mouths. Instead, we must rely on our parents to help themselves. Junior high school is an important turning point in life, and we must face it with twelve minutes. I believe: as long as we stick to the end and keep working hard, we will be able to succeed. Unconsciously, we have already started school for a week. In this week, I get up at 5.40 every morning, arrive at school at 6.20, and 6.30 at night After school, return home from morning to night every day, and continue to face the homework. Several courses have been added, and the difficulty has increased significantly. Despite this, I am very satisfied, because I have met new teachers, new classmates, new friends, and learned new knowledge. Why not do it? Junior high school life is like a cup of coffee. It was bitter at the entrance, but after tasting it, I can find its fragrant and delicious taste. In the next three years, I have many plans. First of all, I have to listen carefully in class, and complete homework independently. Second, get along with classmates and help each other. Finally, learn to review carefully, and ask if you do n��t understand. Einstein's success formula is w = x + y + z, w stands for success, x stands for labor, y stands for method, and z stands for not wasting time. This is exactly what we are learning, we must pay attention to methods, not to memorize it, nor to waste time. Three years in junior high school, I will study like this formula, and not waste every inch of time. So as not to fail the hopes of the teachers and parenentary school, integrated into the new collective, and become a junior high school student. From the beginning of the new semester Marlboro Red, the moment we stepped into the middle school gate, we are no longer ignorant young pioneers, and we have become an active, healthy and progressive middle school student. After the junior high school students are represented, our lives will be busier, and we will carry a heavier burden and step by step towards the distant door to success. We face the breeze, bathe in the sun, learn happily and grow up healthy in laughter and laughter. We are like fish, swimming in the water, exploring the world of knowledge, and playing freely in the ocean of knowledge. We are like birds, soaring freely in the air, looking down at the land of knowledge, and looking for the fruit of harvest on the ground.

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