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TOPIC: myself, set a reasonable g

myself, set a reasonable g 6 months ago #4123

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Our feathers have grown plump, we are no longer a fledgling, we have grown into a robust eagle, and will fly wings in this colorful sky in the future. From young pioneers to junior high school students, we must work harder. Looking back, a lot of time is wasted. In the future, we must seize every minute and every second, work hard, work hard, and create. We must abide by the eight rituals of catering, visiting, viewing, instrumentation, walking, talking, etiquette and rituals. In middle school, there will be a bunch of rules and regulations entangle us. We have to follow them one by one and get rid of our mistakes. We may be strange to the future. But in the future, the thorny road depends on us to go: whether to go forward or retreat halfway Newport Cigarettes. I am a junior high school student. [Part 3] Time is like an arrow, the sun and the moon are like a blink of an eye. Fleeting. In this beautiful autumn season, we bid farewell to elementary school and walked into the good life of middle school. Unveiled a brand new page in the chapter of life, entered a colorful period in the life course, and started the most beautiful youth in the life course. We will start from this new starting point, sail our ideal sail, and sail towards the best tomorrow. In middle school, everything is new, new teachers, new classmates, new books, new desks. In this new environment, I will learn with new partners, grow together, and have the best tomorrow together. In middle school, everything changed. We have more learning tasks and more difficulties. Therefore, I must redouble my efforts, strictly demand myself, set a reasonable goal for myself, and not restrict myself. Have a brand new look and be a brand new self. Since then, I have been a junior high school student, and I will strictly ask myself that I must be proud and defeated, and strive to make my grades even higher Cigarettes Online. In middle school, the learning difficulty has increased, and we must find a suitable learning method. "If you want to be good at work, you must first sharpen it." We need to master the learning skills and the rules to learn better. In order to improve learning efficiency Wholesale Cigarettes, a suitable learning plan should be developed. We must listen carefully during class; actively raise our hands to speak; remember the study notes carefully; the endorsement tasks assigned by the teacher must be completed on time; do not delay the homework so that we can better learn I am a junior high school student In the new semester, I constantly ask myself and spur myself. I want to fly happily in the ocean of knowledge, and I must make my teachers and parents happy with me.
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