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Free Master The Keyboard 9 Tips Course

You already know how to play some chords on the keyboard - but you've haven't been able to make your songs sound like the music that you listen to.

The concepts in my free course, Dave Coldren's Top 9 Tips To Keyboard Mastery, will give you many of the tools that you need to make your playing sound like you want it to.

Among the things you'll learn are:

  • How to look for the common tones that you can use to make chord
    changes easier to play and sound more connected
  • How to create variation within a song
  • How to plan your route through chords such that you "stick your landing"
  • How a simple rule for placing your thumb on the keyboard can help
    you play strong and clear chords with your right hand
  • Why it is important to think about the NUMBERS in a chord progression
  • How to use those numbers to move a song into a key that is best for your voice
  • How to add "the 2" to chords to make them sound richer and more interesting
  • How doubling a note on the bottom and top of your chords can make the song sound "bigger"
  • How there are many songs that share one of 3 simple chord progressions

Ready to take it to the next level? Dave Coldren's Top 9 Tips To Keyboard Mastery can help you get there.