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  • lucy blair created a new topic Shop Nike Air Max Uptempo on Cadysneakers in the forums.
    The Nike Uptempo series was founded in 1994. With its domineering design, the Nike Air Max Uptempo has become the first choice for all the stars in the era of air cushion matching and fast lace system. This year's original color matching sneakers are back to everyone's field of vision. The upper is white with a black leather upper, complemented by red accents. The classic color matching makes people return to the classic period of the 1990s. The ultra-thick Air Max air cushion is believed to be easy to navigate whether it is a course or a daily trip.

    Last October, Men Air Shoes shared a pair of strange running shoes, which caused everyone to pay attention. Recently, the official officially confirmed the name of the shoes is Jordan Trunner NXT. Designed by legendary designer Tinker Hatfield, the Jordan Trunner NXT is equipped with React cushioning technology to give this shoe a stylish feel while having a better foot feel. The sneakers have a gradual design in many parts. The upper is gradually changed from white to black to red. The sole also uses a gradient combination. The midsole also adds mesh support to give the feet better protection. The English name indicates the name of the shoe, and the heel part adopts the wave design, which is full of movement. So many characteristics of the sneakers really make people have to love.

    2019 Mens Jordans,Kyrie 5 has been loved by everyone since its launch. Every pair of sneakers is finely crafted in both commercial and PE versions. The feet are comfortable and bold in color selection. Recently, Kyrie Irving was playing against the Pacers. A pair of new color matching Kyrie 5 PE. Black mesh shoes with white swooth logo, blue ink dot design at the midsole, black color for the outsole, yellow and blue, sneakers, flytrap and heel, with colorful color matching with black stripes The pattern is embellished and the arrogance is very eye-catching.
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  • At the beginning of the month, yankeekicks has pre-empted us to preview the YEEZY BOOST 700 Analog . The YEEZY MAFIA also released the information on the shelves in the first month of this month. This time, adidas brought the complete official picture of this shoe. The shoes are made of white mesh material combined with enamel leather material. The upper is embellished with gray details and equipped with a white Chunky midsole. The details are displayed in light tones with different color gradations. Finally, the bottom is contrasted with black.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes Inspired by the Dalmatian Dalmatian, the Nike SB Dunk High ProDog Walker will be officially released this week. This time HYPEBEAST also brings you the details of the shoes. The shoes are designed with black and brown wool-like materials to create the body, with dark green suede, black and white spot details, and a red Swoosh symbolizing the dog's rope. The "dog shit" pattern on the inside of the tongue is It echoes the details of "stepping on the shit" on the sole. In addition, the special bone-shaped pendant is also engraved with the words "Sparky", and the brown laces that accompany the shoes are hidden in dark green bags.

    2019 Sneakers Release continued to create in the previous year, which brought the Yung series, and adidas Yung-1 is one of them. Since its launch, it has become a joint destination, with END., "Dragon Ball Z", size, Absolute Vintage and atmos And other units to cooperate. The latest is the Japanese clothing store BILLY’S ENT, which coincides with the 5th anniversary of their opening, and specially cooperated with adidas Originals to launch the Yung-1 shoes. Yung-1 brought the adidas Falcon Dorf shoes released in 1997 back to the present, the bloated and complex body structure, which is full of sneaker design styles in the 1990s. This time, BILLY’S ENT is dominated by all-black, and the asymmetrical fluorescent color scheme is used to embellish the three marks and tongues on both sides of the shoe.
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  • Every summer, the Air Jordan 11 Low low-cut shoes shine! Inheriting the popular style of the Air Jordan 11 classic shoe, it is presented in a low-cut style, with a flexible and clever attitude, becoming the star of the spring and summer streets. This year's first low-cut color scheme is the Air Jordan 11 Low Navy Snakeskin, also known as the Blue Snake color. This year's new products also use leather tongues to create a more upscale fashion temperament, and the classic theme of snakeskin texture reproduces Air Jordan 11 Low, which also makes many old players cheer! The navy blue tone snakeskin texture is matched with a white body, and the contrast effect is extraordinary. The upper foot has a good visual vitality index.

    The last paragraph of the Starbucks Sakura Cup event with super high heat, do you remember? In the Japanese cherry blossom season, Nike also deliberately launched the Nike Air Max 95 cherry blossom series, fresh and full of contrast, bringing a full of vitality. Both colors are made of coarse cloth to create the body of the shoe, complemented by red, blue, pink and other colors that symbolize the spring. The creamy white midsole is matched with a window air cushion, which will definitely make many young ladies feel excited. It is worth mentioning that these two color linings are made of terry cloth and absorb sweat comfortably.

    The recent intensive exposure has made the black Yeezy 350 Boost V2 a new focus for the sneakers. Inherited the pleasing side design, scored quite high in terms of value and breathability. This black color matching black with a black sole, a black and cool cool dress is really hard to refuse! The woven upper still has a rich and delicate texture effect, which brings a very high-grade texture experience.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic Best Price to buy Air Jordan 4 MONSOON BLUE in the forums.
    Earlier today, Jordan Brand introduced a new color-matched Air Jordan 4. The new color scheme is called “MONSOON BLUE”, and the Air Jordan 4 MONSOON BLUE upper is mixed with the military green with the special color of “Monsoon Blue”. At the same time, the contour is outlined in white, and the use of the crystal bottom is also a bright spot. The texture of the illusion can not help but remind people of the "chameleon" color matching a few years ago. The pair of Air Jordan 4 “MONSOON BLUE” will only be available in the form of GS code. It seems that this time AJ Girl and young student friends are blessed.

    Nike SB and Jordan Brand joined forces five years later. After launching a Lakers purple gold color shading to hide the Chicago color, the Air Jordan 1 is also going to launch an Air Jordan 1 Low? A few days ago, the external network first spewed out the spy photos of this Air Jordan 1 Low. Dark blue + white color is cool and concise, and the red-embroidered Jumpman logo on the toe is icing on the cake.

    Just a few days ago, Richard Hamilton's Air Jordan 14, which passed through the 1999 NCAA Tournament, exposed the first reissued spy photos. Yesterday, the sneaker information blogger theremade gave us a close-up of the shoes. From the picture of theremade, the replica of the Air Jordan 14 white high-quality leather upper with a large red midsole + heel is similar to the previously sold Air Jordan 14 Candy Cane. Followed by the huge "23" + Jumpman logo and the front and back of the tongue with the "JORDAN" and Roman numerals 14 decorative bars show the identity of the shoes.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic Buy Air Jordan 4 What The 4 on 2019mensjordans in the forums.
    In order to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the birth of the Air Jordan 4, Jordan Brand will launch a new "What The 4" color scheme, and now release the preview picture of the shoes.Air Jordan 4 What The 4 is made up of 4 ancestral colours "White Cement", "Black Cement", "Military Blue" and "Fire Red". The heel position is also fitted with "Nike Air" details. It is expected to be in November. On the 23rd, log in to the designated Jordan Brand retail outlet.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes,The Air FOG series, which was created by Fear of God and Nike, announced earlier that it will launch a pair of Air Fear of God 180 versions, which will also reveal the latest color schemes at the beginning of the month. Recently, designer Jerry Lorenzo has released a new Nike Air Fear of God 180 on his personal Instagram. It is Jerry Lorenzo's appetite that the photo is exposed in gray, so the correct color scheme cannot be known. The main focus of the Air Fear of God 180 is that the upper is covered with a cross strap to cover the traditional strap system, while the toe part incorporates stitching details similar to football shoes, and finally the window-opening with the signature Double-layer Zoom air cushion outsole.

    2019 Sneakers Release, led by Nike SB Dunk collectors Jeff and Simon, will present the Nike SB Dunk Sneakers party show called "Focus On Me" and will be the first to gather more than 200 rare Nike SB Dunk shoes. On display, it is commendable to appreciate this pile of treasures. The exhibition date will start from March 29th to April 7th. You must wear Nike SB shoes to enter the show. All the exhibits will not be sold for sale. You can definitely understand the story behind Nike SB Dunk. . SoleAddictt also designed the SB Element T-Shirt for this exhibition. It was inspired by the classic SB orange shoe box from 2001 to 2012. It also features "Trends Come And Go But History Defines Us" on the bottom left. For the fans of the classic and legendary Nike SB Dunk, you can also purchase this T-Shirt as a souvenir.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic Shop Air Jordan 33 Low SE on jordans2019shoes in the forums.
    2019 Mens Jordans,The Air Jordan 33 has been exposed for the first time since last year, and many color combinations are emerging. The unique upper design and midsole technology have won the favor of many shoe fans. Recently, a new version of the low-key version of the Air Jordan 33 Low SE was first exposed. These shoes are on the upper, simplifying the drawstring lacing system and adding a wide elastic to replace the laces. In order to coordinate the proportion of the upper, the length of the tongue and the collar is shortened, and the transparent flap material is reconfigured to make it easier to put on and take off. The midsole configuration is the same as the previous version, and the difference in foot feel should be small.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes color matching of the Air Jordan 1 series last year, without exception, has been highly valued by shoe fans. This year, Nike has done a lot of articles on the derivative of the Air Jordan 1 series. Recently, the Air Jordan 1 OG x Nike SB shoes, which have been repeatedly exposed, are favored by shoe fans in a unique color scheme. This unique co-branded collection has two color schemes. One of them, inspired by the Los Angeles Lakers jersey, is dressed in purple gold and color. The other one is decorated with black, white and gray in a color scheme similar to “Earl”. If it's just a special color match, it may not be enough to impress the fans. The more unique of these two pairs of shoes is the hidden scratch element under the vamp! Erasing the original upper color reveals a mutually inverted background color. The "Lake" color matching background can scrape the "Chicago" color scheme, and the "Earl" color matching background can scrape the foundation purple hook, which is very amazing. !

    2019 Sneakers Release to this year's Air Max Day celebration series, this pair of Air Jordan 3 Tinker Air Max 1 is not only a pair of hooked AJ3, not only a pair of Nike Air followed by AJ3, it also reproduces the most classic element of Air Max 1 OG Year white red color! What makes the player more excited is the design of "changing hooks"! There are a total of 4 Swoosh to choose from, white, red, burst crack, 3M reflective. After the Air Max 1 OG color matching, the crack on the fender fender disappears, but you can show it on Swoosh! If you think that the other three hooks are too common, you can also put 3M reflective Swoosh and go to the streets to harvest the eyeballs! If you are an OG enthusiast, the white and red are absolutely retro enough, and the first fit of the Air Max 1 with the Air Jordan 3 will definitely make you love it!
    wall 30 days ago
  • This year's Air Jordan 1 still maintains a high level of heat, and a variety of color matching debut. After today’s new ban, a new white-red rabbit starling color has appeared in the market and will be released next week, bringing the latest physical photos. The color scheme is exactly the same as last year's Bugs Bunny Air Jordan 11. The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Phantom upper is made of sail white leather. It is different from other pure white colors and comes with old effects. The pleated textured leather is also unique, making it look different. In the upper, the red leather is used. In addition, the upper line and the Swoosh edge are also red. The strong contrast with the main color of the upper outlines the sharp outline, which makes this color match a bit of a second element. The design of the lace hole material and the top line of the tongue are unprecedented, highlighting the unique specifications.

    I believe that everyone is impressed with the 2014 NHK Air Max 90 Lunar SP. With the theme of "Moon Landing" on the moon, the Nike Air Max 90 Mars Landing full upper has a crater pattern on the moon's surface. First-class recognition and full personality. Five years later, before this year's Air Max Day, the same space exploration theme reappeared, bringing a new product with the theme of "landing Mars"! This pair of Nike Air Max 90 “Mars Landing” adopts a similar design idea. The full upper is painted with a red texture on the surface of Mars, and the black midsole is decorated with ink details. The overall exquisite and delicate visual impact.

    2019 Sneakers Release with The Converse Addict product line has always been the "God" of Converse's players. It belongs to the Converse Japan Japan branch and is not the same brand as Nike's Converse. This time, I found a new joint product of NIGO. The Chuck Taylor Suede NIGO Z Hi retains the Addict family's high-grade materials and Vibram outsole. The zipper design on the suede upper and the ankle is unique and simple. Highlights the taste.
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  • With the unprecedented popularity of Air Jordan 1, 2019 Mens Jordans has also given more color matching themes to the Mid Mid shoes, giving us a lot of new options. In front of the Lakers Lakers color matching new Air Jordan 1 Mid, the shoes are made of delicate and soft lychee leather, white upper with a bright yellow outline, the details are complemented by purple accents. The atmosphere of the thick Lakers team is not only particularly pleasing, but also the visual performance is quite eye-catching. Black on both sides of the shoe Nike Swoosh is presented in matte leather, echoing the logo of the wing of the upper, I believe that the performance of the foot also has a good strength!

    The Air Force 1 low-cut series can be regarded as 2019 Sneakers Release evergreen shoes, with a variety of color schemes and versatile shoes, which are loved by shoe fans. Recently, a new color scheme Air Force 1 Low has been released, and the overall color is mainly black and white. The heel is also covered with three different logos, full of personality. It is worth mentioning that this color has added a very popular string element, which surrounds the upper and adds a lot of modern elements while ensuring the classic shoes.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes After a hot debate last year, the manuscript version of Air Jordan 3 Tinker has a new color scheme coming soon. A white-red color match recently released the official map, which is different from the previous exposure. The color scheme of the shoe body is similar to that of the classic white red Air Max 1. The upper is a red and white color separation design, which is different from the previous temperament color matching. The most noteworthy is the Swoosh design, the previous manuscript Air Jordan 3 only the ultra-rare Oregon PE and the player's customized version have a change of play, so this is the first commercially available switch Air Jordan 3. Details of the uppers NIKE embroidery, the inside of the tongue Tinker signature embroidery is the same as the previous color, the heel is still the favorite Nike Logo.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic AV2288-200 Nike Air Max 1 Premium GS in the forums.
    In front of this, the Nike Air Max 1 Premium GS not only has a tasteful reddish-brown leather body, but the Swoosh design also incorporates plant leaf texture for a refined and unique visual experience. The beige sole lining and the retro Nike Air tongue logo are simple, generous and stylish. But this color is only GS female size, but also a pair of boutiques that envy the boys!

    2019 Mens Jordans want to vote for "the most popular DB charity color matching shoes",Air Jordan 6 Doernbecher is definitely a strong competitor. The navy blue suede shoes with a burst of texture, unique texture expression, and red eye-catching decorations make these shoes full of vitality. The market resale price is more than $1000, and the foot is definitely a "street star"
    specification. This year marks the fifteenth anniversary of Nike Doernbecher Freestyle. Over the past 15 years, Nike has teamed up with Doernbecher Charity Children's Hospital to raise more than $20 million to help treat and recover from minor illnesses.

    Whenever 2019 Sneakers Release re-enacts the classic color schemes that have been sold in the past, it often attracts a lot of attention from sneaker players. The pair of Air Jordan 1 that will be released in June this year is definitely a color that you can't miss. Earlier today, the sneakers broke the account dirtymoney823. We have already published a pair of Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG, which we have reported before. In this new color scheme, I saw a lot of classic color matching shadows. Black and white shoes, and the rare white wing logo from Air Jordan 1 color matching "Oreo". The uppers added the “No Resale” red embellishment released at the end of last year, and added the “Six Crowns” of the same Swoosh Logo that was released last year. Integrating the three super-popular colors that were released in the past, and using the Air Jordan 1 as the design blueprint, I believe that the color of this "Gym Red" color matching must be small.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic Air Jordan 1 Low Black Toe Release Soon in the forums.
    Earlier we reported that Air Jordan 1's most classic black toe color scheme will be re-released this year in Air Jordan 1 Low. Recently, the shoes have a new official map exposure, loyal to the first year of the color scheme, with this year's equally popular low-cut shoes, I believe that these shoes will have a good popularity. The lychee skin is held in the middle of the shoe, and the Air Jordan label is presented in the form of embroidery. The overall texture is good. Also with the low-cut version of the "Chicago", "small lightning" and other color, the current secondary market has a low speculation price, the original price of the black toe Air Jordan 1 Low I am afraid the difficulty is not small.

    With the upcoming Air Max Day this year, creating more color for the Air Max family has become a recent Nike Sneakers mission. In fact, the atmospheric pad vintage running shoes have been favored by fashion trends. Recently, the Nike Air VaporMax Plus has also exposed a singular color. The shoe blends the Nike Air Max Plus signature upper and VaporMax's signature midsole. In terms of color matching, it is decorated with a pink-blue gradient. It also adds white to embellish the details, and the sweet breath is ready to come out, while the sci-fi is full.

    2019 Mens Jordans With the arrival of the Spring Festival, the cold winter is about to end, and the bright spring also indicates that the street wear will usher in a new scene. This weekend's black-red Air Jordan 6 Black Infrared re-enactment, the first climax of the 2019 sneakers, the classic black red cow leather shoes, plus handsome and capable foot effect, it is The main reason for being loved by players. In addition to this pair of black and red classics, there are actually many new shoes that have a good effect on the feet. Bringing a selection of "new shoes on the feet", the spring season will usher in the peak season of buying shoes. Before you buy, you may wish to refer to it!
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  • 2019 Mens Jordans is currently waiting in line for sale, and the closest one is the Air Jordan 1 “Turbo Green”. The white leather with a unique texture, combined with the green skin of the lake to create a shoe body, easy and elegant, but also has a good performance. The upper foot effect is also extraordinarily fresh and pleasant, suitable for the “vibrant” style, and it is also very suitable to cater to the upcoming spring. Inheriting the classic temperament of the Air Jordan 1 family, it also inherits the extraordinary popularity.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes,The “Flower Spray” that has been exposed for a long time will bring a milestone to the Foamposite family! This pair of Nike Air Foamposite One “Floral” was specially designed for Valentine's Day on February 14 this year. Not only the men's models are available, but the WMNS girls also use the same shoes and specifications to create a sincere. With a calm black base, the foamed upper is presented in a colorful “green leaf safflower” pattern. The visual effect is vivid and beautiful, the retreat is like a work of art, and the upper foot is transformed into a domineering street eye-catching artifact! This new bubble-jet product is also very particular in detail, the black surrounding color still has full texture expressiveness, and the Swoosh small label with metal texture on the laces further highlights its gorgeous temperament.

    Adidas Sneakers is the undisputed sneaker black technology at the end of the last century. The combination of ergonomics and sneaker design has created many classic shoes that are still topical. After entering the Boost era, adidas also changed the Feet Your Wear slogan to Boost Your Wear, and launched BYW and BYW X shoes, which have a good performance in appearance, technology and comfort. The return of "Tianzu" will have a new chapter this year, just the official adidas Originals officially released a new classic return! The FYW S-97, born in 1997, is about to return to the engraving. It is equipped with a multi-unit split sole. The Torsion support system in the midfoot is also a long-lasting sneaker technology. Torsion Technology was born in 1989 and this year is its 30th anniversary! The exterior has a strong 90s atmosphere, with white tones as the main line, complemented by blue-red decorations. This standard clover color is also a favorite of many players!
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  • In the past 2018, it can be said that the new color of Air Jordan 1 is a year of spring. However, the New Year has just passed, and the sale of the new color does not mean to stop. Recently, there is a new color matching for the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG. The color scheme of the spy shoes is the same as the Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG Neutral Grey, which has been sold. The large area uses smoky gray suede and black lychee. The upper is matched with grass and green, and there is a breath of fresh spring leaves. The collar is accented with fluorescent green to make the overall color look even brighter. The Swoosh Logo also comes with the SP 19 AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH OG, which seems to be a great tradition in 2019.

    The recent Air Jordan 4, a marbled dress,Air Jordan Sneakers has received much attention, followed by the 9-hole Air Jordan 1 with the same theme. Unlike the Air Jordan 4's black foundation, this Air Jordan 1 features a more versatile, pure black body with pink and splash effects on the upper and Swoosh Logo, giving the overall OG feel. The same flash material is used on the tongue and toe for the Air Jordan 4 toe cap, which is unique.

    Every year, Jordans 2019 Shoes will bring a few new Air Jordan. This year, except for the end of the year, it is possible to re-enact the most classic black and red Air Jordan 11 "Bred". There is no news of any new products. Recently, a shoe account on Instagram, feelgoodthreads, has exposed a special pair of Air Jordan 11 objects. The whole pair of shoes are dominated by the refreshing Tiffany blue, and the heel Jumpman Logo is also in the same tone, with a white midsole and a blue translucent crystal outsole. The picture's essay indicates that this is a pair of Chris Paul's PE color matching. The true identity of these shoes is quite mysterious.
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  • lucy blair created a new topic AT4144-400 Nike Air Force 1 ´07 Premium in the forums.
    Nike Air Force 1 has always been one of the must-have items in the “floating” shoe cabinet. Today, we are welcoming two new color schemes, Nike Air Force 1 ́07 Premium, which I believe will add two more options to your list of shoes. Two pairs of shoes with a velvet material upper, highlighting the luxury texture. A pair of low-key black ash, with a white midsole. The other pair is presented in dazzling blue. It is worth mentioning that because of the characteristics of the velvet material, the vamp is appreciated from every angle, and the different colors are made, which makes the whole pair of shoes more ornamental. The details are also quite interesting. The size of the upper two Swoosh is embossed. The Nike Air lettering on the tongue and heel is treated with gold embroidery for a gorgeous look.

    This year,2019 Mens Jordans big hybrid design, the combination of classic shoes and new technology has brought many surprises. Among them, Nike Air VaporMax Plus is favored by its unique appearance, and the new color is also emerging. Recently, it has a pair of futuristic New color scheme. The upper support frame and air cushion are provided with a gradient gray, with a transparent crystal outsole, refreshing and psychedelic mysterious feeling, the unique color of the color adds a little sci-fi.

    In recent years, major brands have attached great importance to the research and development and innovation of the shoe technology. Adidas Sneakers suddenly released a dynamic poster when we also discovered the sci-fi sensation created by Nike's first automatic lace-up sneakers. No shoelaces, no buttons, no charging, no need for a mobile phone, and a real name for Diss. Named N3XT L3V3L, not only the first pair of basketball shoes without laces in adidas history, but also the newly developed LIGHTSTRIKE cushioning technology. Since the exposure has attracted much attention, Zachrain and Mitchell and other stars have come to the first time!
    wall 84 days ago
  • 2019 Mens Jordans series released a number of new color schemes in 2018. Although the frequency of sale is very high, it does not affect the desire of fans to buy. The price of the new color scheme just sold in the resale market is already higher than the original price. At the beginning of 2019, a new color matching Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG "Neutral Grey" is coming soon. The shoes are made entirely of grey suede and black leather, and the orange collar is paired with a coral orange upper. The overall color is very easy. Xiaobian was very fond of seeing it for the first time, and the wallet was afraid that it could not be pressed. In addition, under the Swoosh Logo, the word "SP 19 AIR JORDAN 1 HIGH OG" is unique. I wonder if this year's other Air Jordan 1 series will have this label.

    Jordans 2019 Shoes first crown boots Air Jordan 6 "Black Infrared" has always been one of the must-have shoes for everyone. Today, we finally ushered in the long-awaited date of the sale of Black and Red 6 . The whole body is wrapped in black nubuck and decorated with the classic “Infrared” color scheme. The red color of this re-enactment is obviously deeper than before, and it has a more original OG charm. The most "sexy" part is the Nike Air word on the heel, which is the first time in 19 years after the "hook ass" into the black and red 6 generation. Through the vents of the upper, it can be found that the replica of the 2014 version of the 3M reflective elements makes the whole pair of shoes more interesting. The insole is presented with a red base and Nike Air lettering. Can the Sneakerhead be coveted by the OG elements that can be seen everywhere?

    Travis Scott is undoubtedly one of the hottest designers of the moment, and Nike's multiple joint collaborations are even more numerous. Whether it's Air Force 1 or Air Jordan 4, after redesigning by Travis Scott, it always brings us Unique, novel feelings. Following the success of the two pairs last year, the Travis Scott x Air Jordan 1 will be on sale this year, which definitely attracts the attention of a large number of spheroidal powders. The eye-catching degree is absolutely no less than the “big lightning” joint name that has never been re-enacted. After Travis Scott repeatedly got on the foot, the recent sneakers broke the account solebyjc to take the first out of a set of physical maps, sincere full of detail design, definitely make you hooked. The overall color scheme is similar to that of “Chicago”, and the body is made of brown cow leather with black and white. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the continuous lychee design of the shoe body, the unprecedented reverse Swoosh is also made of lychee skin, which is extremely elegant in the choice of materials. The most interesting thing is the details of the shoe body. The Swoosh on the inside of the shoe is complemented by the 3M “Cactus Jack” label, and the heel is complemented by the embossed face. At the same time, Travis Soctt’s personally exposed shoe “hid the money”. The design was also retained. Extremely rare super-high-profile joint name, according to the popularity of Air Jordan 1, I am afraid that the price of this joint name has to take off again, this year the wallet has to be lighted by Air Jordan 1.
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