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anjali sharma
anjali sharma
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  • anjali sharma created a new topic drumstick in the forums.
    drumstick food has many health benefits which are used for many treatments like thyroid disorder, asthma, and useful for removing fungal and bacterial infection etc. This food is the best dietary food in the purpose of bodybuilding. These all are the drumstick benefits.
    wall 180 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic kalaripayattu in the forums.
    kalaripayattu also known as Kalari is a traditional fight that is available from history. This is the oldest ancient martial art and is the other original name of martial art. The meaning of Kalari is battlefield and payattu means practice or exercises.
    Martial art in india is a traditional fight and martial art fight inspired by a wild animal. People learn martial art in india because of their self-protection. The first weapon was used by the Kalari trainer was a stick.
    wall 183 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic motifs in the forums.
    The unit of design and the small unit of pattern is a motifs and inspired by culture, nature and socieconomic etc. kings ruled the country, these motifs are often also a representation of the different styles from an era gone by. The design motif like Peacock motif, Parrot motif, Goose or Hansa motif, Mango motif and Lotus motif etc.
    wall 186 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic truck art in the forums.
    What is truck art? truck art what is this? these types of questions people ask. So, I will explain to you about truck art, truck art is people decorated their truck like a bride. <B><a href="">truck art</a></B> decorated with flowers and paintings etc.
    Indian road you can see <B><a href="">indian truck art</a></B> who cover with full of Shayari in the front and backside of truck. the various types of Shayari written in the truck for example "Buri Nazar wale tera muh Kala" and "Phir Milenge haste haste" etc, and "blow horn" almost written every truck backside.
    wall 193 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic temples of belur in the forums.
    Belur and Halebid was a very famous temples and lots of tourists visit here. The temples of belur are one of the oldest and famous temples in Karnataka. Belur temple was built during 1116AD by king Vishnu Vardhan. This temple is most famous for its different architecture.
    The halebidu temple also a very famous temple of Karnataka. This temple is located near the river of yegachi. This temple is a classic example of the south Indian temples because this is the best Hoysala architecture.
    wall 194 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic sanchi stupa in the forums.
    sanchi stupa is the largest historical place it's located 46 km away from Bhopal, is the capital of Madhya Pradesh. stupa sanchi is made from the oldest stone, and this is the popular monument of Buddhist. here every year a large number of people visit.
    stupa sanchi is very famous but also other places famous in Madhya Pradesh are Gupta temple, Archaeological museum and Chetiyagiri Vihara, etc. sanchi stupa shape looks like a doomed shape and included buddha that serves as a marker for sacred space.
    wall 195 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic Bal gangadhar tilak in the forums.
    Here is small <B><a href="">bal gangadhar tilak story</a></B>. As you know bal gangadhar tilak is the "father of the Indian unrest". Bal gangadhar tilak belong to a marathi family and he was born on 23 july 1856 and his childhood name was keshav gangadhar tilak. He was very brave person and he was against the british raj and raised their voice. <B><a href="">bal gangadhar tilak</a></B> said to all indians to boycott foregin product and use indian product. Gangadhar Tilak had done better movement for Indian society such as started the newspaper "Kesari" which was arranged in different language English, Marathi, Mahratta.
    wall 203 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic Major Dhyan Chand in the forums.
    Major Dhyan chand was born on 29 august 1905 in Allahabad and his nickname was The Wizard. Major Dhyan chand was an Indian hockey player, he created history in hockey. And he wins in Olympics gold medals three times for India, first Olympic win in 1928, second Olympic win in 1932, and third Olympic win in 1936. The government of India awarded <B><a href="">major dhyan chand</a></B> the third highest civilian honor of Padma Bhushan in 1956. in India national sports day is celebrated on Major Dhyan Chand's birthday, 29 August.
    wall 204 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic localizes in the forums.
    Martinique car rental only prefers localizes people because of their agencies in Martinique. A car rental agency is a company that leases automobiles for short periods of time, typically from a few hours to a few weeks. They offer people who don't have a car they travel in a car with the support of car rental.
    Martinique car rental to serve people who required a temporary car for those people who do not their own car, tourists go to another country they don't carry their car so they people choose car rental. martinique car rental serves these four cars are Dacia Sandero or Kia Picanto, Peugeot 308, BMW x1, and Citroën Jumpy.
    wall 243 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic startruxt in the forums.
    Independently, and based on a repository of best management practices for digital companies, the <B><a href="</a></B> label proves the service provider's reliability and ability to deliver its services. The StarTRUXT label proves the financial stability of the service provider and its good operational work for the next 3 years.
    wall 248 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic truxt in the forums.
    Truxt label proves the service provider has obtained a reassuring risk profile, allowing you to work with them with confidence. Thanks to <B><a href=";/a></B>, you can count on new providers, with whom you would never be able to collaborate if you were not labeled.
    Truxt label improves your legitimacy and reliability and the benefits of truxt label are they prove the reliability of the service provider and its ability to deliver its services. The <B><a href="">label truxt</a></B> are eligible for the Exægis Operational Guarantee: Total Security Offer, which guarantees the continuity of services even in the event of failure.
    wall 251 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic A spiritual vacation in Tibet in the forums.
    Tibet is available on the northern side of the Himalayas. Many people ask a query about Tibet, Is Tibet a different country or a part of China? That all answers you will find on that link. vacation in tibet

    if you have not aware of tibet travel, That all answers you will find here. Lhasa is the capital city of Tibet who gives the tourists the best chance to experience the authentic Tibetan sacred land Or Many more holiday destination are also available in Tibet such as Potala Palace, Jokhang temple, and namtso, etc.
    wall 293 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic Experience spirituality in temples of Bali in the forums.
    Gunung Kawi Sebatu temple is one of the famous temples to bali. where Local peoples peffer to visit this temple. which is situated around 12km north-east of ubud, and this famous temple find in forest hillside in Sebatu. This Gunung Kawi temple is a Hindu water temple who dedicated to lord Vishnu.
    Ulun Danu Batur temple is the best bali temples to visit, where every year thousand people visit here. it is also famous for pura ulun danu. one of the most important temple because acted as the maintainer of harmony and stability of the entire island.
    wall 294 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic drumstick benefits in the forums.
    drumstick benefits food has many health benefits which are used for many treatments like thyroid disorder, stomach disorder, asthma, neurodegenerative disease, and useful for removing fungal and bacterial infection.
    So final conclusion out that, this Drumstick plant has many health benefits than other plants because these are cover with full of nutrition. In simple example I will define you comparison with other foods such as in which more More potassium than banana, more vitamin C than oranges, large beta-carotene than carrots, big value of iron than spinach and large number of protein than peas. so this food is the best dietary food in the purpose of bodybuilding. which helps you also in making strong bones, hair, skin, kidney and liver. so these all are the best drumstick benefits.
    wall 637 days ago
  • anjali sharma created a new topic Are stray dogs a big problem in India in the forums.
    Nowadays people searching queries on google that "are stray dogs a bog problem in India". according to completely true people, these dogs absolute nuisance to the Indian society. they continuously chasing people who are driving on-road or streets and barking through day and night so that' s why create more intense noise pollution.
    That street dogs are a threat to human society. On one side we are killing the harmless animal such as goat, cattle, fish, and pigs but on the other side, we don't take any serious action against it. the main reason of increasing stray dogs is open garbage.
    wall 728 days ago