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TOPIC: The so-called teenager

The so-called teenager 4 months ago #2281

  • ylq123
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The so-called teenager is that you are indifferent to anything. The so-called youth is that you are empty inside, there is no bit of a heart. If you don��t care about everything, how can you have your heart? If you don��t even have your own heart, how can you become this? If you can't integrate yourself into the living beings, you won't have a future. You are only here. If you don't have a future, how can you survive? If you can't continue your life, you will fail your parents Marlboro Cigarettes For Sale. In order to make you careless, I need to work hard to feed you into the complicated red dust. The best way to feed you is to let you chew it all the way. Chewing, so that you can take everything you see, try it, learn and learn. The so-called learning is to let you personally touch and use the body to come to you to contact which thing, your heart will put a point on that thing. The more things you touch, the more you put your heart on the matter. If you do what you have in life, but you will do it yourself, your heart will be able to unite, you will have yourself. At that time, what you really need, what you don't need, your heart will tell you, then you will tell your heart what you heard and tell me. Yes, as a parent, what I have to wait for is this day, just if I want you to do something, it can only represent my heart for you. For you, in addition to your own heart, where someone else imposes on you, it can only be called the outside heart. This is of course the exception of the parents Cigarette Wholesale. It is also included if I want you to do it. Things are just what you want to do, then the external force and the internal force are combined into a line. Only the heart and the heart can be united and you will have a heart. You have to concentrate on your work. You can do everything with half the effort. Perfection is only your contact with things. It can only be called understanding. When you have paid enough attention to things, you have a cherished heart. When you have a heart for everything, you have the qualification to get rid of the ignorance, confusion, and fainting of your childhood. When you are out of the hollow, you get your heart and step into love. You really passed the boy's day, stepped into adolescence, and got a young person, you should have a pure soul, actually those who are stunned, can't keep up with his young and strong body, they are each other The distance between the distances is not too far away. It takes two or three years to reach a long distance. The distance is close, but you need to wait for him for another year or two. If someone says that you love me, I I will tear my most unbearable side to him. If I want to put what I want to say the most, I have to endure it on my lips Newports Cigarettes Website, and I am afraid that if I am not good at hiding, I might be knocked over by him. Even if his love for me is true, there is no lie. So if I promised to take care of his love, I might not be able to fit this love completely, and might not be able to match the best of his life. If people don't draw circles with the years, how to love them is wrong. Trees and flowers need how beautiful you are, how noble you are, because you were once a flower bone in my tree, a bud that I nourish with flesh and blood. It��s not that when you come, you can bring me a lot of happiness, but when I see you, my heart will bring optimism because you are my heart, I use my sincerity, I use my heart and soul. pregnant. I love you, I will overcome the flesh and blood in my skin, and I will overcome the bones in my flesh and blood. But in the end, you didn't say that you are willing to stop on my branch. I will be thankful for it. I am most afraid of it. The most worrying thing is that you finally paid me a disappointment, but you become, and finally The flowers that are going to leave me are shattered. I am depressed for this, I have been painstakingly heartbroken for this. I have been looking for the only one. I have always been the only one, and I have exhausted all my strength. But this does not mean that, when it is not appropriate, I will still clench my teeth and give up the only one, let it be natural and far away. Even if I shed blood and tears for this, I will be able to produce good results for another person. As for his handsome appearance, he only learned high, but he himself was in the crowd, relying on the capital of the show. For another person, it is a big deal to be useful. If you are not willing to do anything, you will see the depth and depth of the house. If you always hurry up, plant a flower in the yard, or plant a tree, you will only see the flowers here, the leaves on the other side, your heart and body, In the matter that you love, even if time spreads indefinitely, you will be completely ignorant and ignorant if you can fake it, it is another star, it is about to be born, you don��t have to doubt it, or it is that one. Grain fireflies, I want to go to the brighter people who borrowed Yuehua, I have thought of you again, and I have read you. Every time you think of it, I really don��t know if it��s honour for me, or it��s enough to be sad. In the past, we used to meet each other. You are like a big Newports 100S, round persimmon. Even though you are so red, so sweet and soft, you only have one, how can I envy, how can I take you from the basket that was originally placed in your basket? Once again, I put it into my own basket. The wish to bring me back to my home is not that big. I just want to ask a brilliant painter and ask him to paint it as you like. Then I will keep you a real shadow, keep you a very beautiful, very harmonious face and you will not even nod your head, and never promised. For you, maybe it��s all reasonable, because the mileage between us is so rugged and tortuous, even though we used to have so many close-ups, there are so many happy words. . And I only know when you are face to face, what kind of form, what form, as soon as you turn around, I will immediately become ambiguous, and I will never write your face again, even though I originally knew A person's life is so long, you and I will inevitably have separation, even though I am fully prepared, but let me work hard to recite, your big eyes, your round nose, your tall man, you are honest Mouth corner, I still haven��t backed up, complaining only complains, I am not sensitive, I am too stupid in my photo album, if anyone is concerned about me, whoever is treasured by me, whatever is my favorite, or deep Cherish my friends and relatives, which one is also stored here. But no matter how much I want to go to the photo album, turn it over and there is no one. The person who has not been there, I have to go and remember him over and over again. I have been wondering, is it true that I am not enough light for the quality of being a human being, not enough, whether it is not enough frankness, not enough frankness, I am looking for a beautiful and handsome dog, and put him on People's clothes, and put on expensive coats. I took this dog, highly responsible, and dressed him as a good gentleman. Whenever I think of you again, how can you be empty in the depths of my memory? I use this gentleman to solemnly replace God in the world. Is there really God in the world? If so, he not only Be fair and just, and be full of reason, full of wisdom, and full of kindness. Then I said to him that it is not too late for pine nuts and pines, regardless of loved ones, lover, or friends. It is not a form, not a kind of instrument, but a heart. Just like a pine tree, in normal times, there is nothing different. When you need it, when you must have him, he will set up a pine ball for you, and you should do it. Things, you still do it quickly. Even if you complain in your heart, don't be melancholy. Even if you have a lot of unsatisfactory Cheapest Marlboro Cigarettes Free Shipping, you can't hesitate to know that you were originally a tree. You are both a tree and a colorful flower for your life. It is yours. mission. Even if you even have a flower, you are not ready to open. When the fall is over, you are just like the trees that have no flowers to open. You must die if other flowers are fruitful, and you still In the gesture of losing his will, he is telling people about suffering and telling sadness. At that time, your flowerless and fruitless, no longer called young, but called empty in your own heart, whether it is perfect, or a little more frustrated. No one cares, and no one needs to know. Even if the color of the flower is very light, even if the fruit looks small, it is the dedication of your life, the enthusiasm of your life. It can also let you see yourself.
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